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Me and Enzo both really enjoy sweet treats and we equally enjoy baking them. But with van life it’s not always easy to bake a cake or a tart. So with these easy no bake pan cookies you’ll be able to fix that baking craving without having to do any baking at all.

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys today we’re making no bakecookies and if you’re like me and youlove to bake but you live in a van andyou don’t have an oven then you can makethese because all you need is frying panso our ingredients for today ah sugaryou can use granulated sugar or brownsugar whatever should be half butterhalf coconut oil plain flour salt andbaking soda one egg and we are usingsome chopped chocolate and some pecansyou can use whatever you want if youwant to use hazelnuts or chocolate chipsor fruit whatever you want so that thereare ingredients for today so first weneed to cream the butter and the sugartogether but because it’s pretty cold inhere the butter is really hard and it’sgonna be impossible to cream so we’rejust gonna soften it a little bit youdon’t want it to be completely meltedyou just want it a bit softerWow like that’s enough because it’sstarting to melt say so I just cut upthe butter a little bit more as you cansee it’s so cold in here it’s alreadystarting to cool down so we need to worka bit quickly we’re gonna put the sugarin with the butter and then we’re gonnacream it together if you’re like me youcan use a spoon and if you like Enzo youcan use a whisk I’m using a spoon so youjust want to combine the sugar and thebutter until it’s one sort of creamytexture so the way I do it it’s likepush the butter into the sugar untilit’s combined and if you have a electricwhisk this will be a lot easier but aswe’re in a van we don’tso I’m using my hat and maybe in so it’svery soon okay so once you have thisconsistency gonna crack in the egg okayfor it to get any shell if you want youcan add a little bit of flour juststopped it from curdlingespecially when we’re gonna add theflour which also has this so I just cameback to the spoon because[Music]and then finally I’m just gonna add inour chocolate and our nuts once you mixit in yeah so I just fly with my hands alittle bit because we’re just gonna formthem into little balls if it was hotteryou could probably just kind of pour itbut I’ll scoop it with a spoon but asit’s pretty cold it’s quite hard to formso we’re just going to do little ballslike this put it onto a floured surfaceand then we’re just gonna keep goinglike that until all the mixtures used inthe ball and I’d say there should be aabout the size of a golf ball I thinkit’s fun what if you never played golfif you want to make a bigger cookies Imean you can do one big cookie yeahalthough that would be hard to flip[Music]so I have my pan and I’m just gonna takea spoon and just butter inside Neal wasreally interested a little bit so beforeyou do all the cookies it’s probably agood idea to do a test cookie so justtesting one ball just to see whattemperature you need it out and how themixture is working up right once yourbutter has melted and we can start nowwe’re gonna cover them with the lid andwe’re gonna leave them until theunderneath is browned and then we’llcome back to them so you want to makesure that on a medium to low heatbecause there’s a high chance that theycan burn quite easily so you just wantto be careful with that kneel down andwhat we’re gonna do is you’re gonna seeonce they start to rise and start tolook cooked on top then they’re ready togo it’s very similar to a pancake whereyou know you don’t want to flip itbefore it’s you start to see those airbubbles on top it starts to look cookedon top otherwise it’s just gonna be mushso now we’re going to try and flip themso you take the lid off and hope[Music]so I think we probably fried them forabout five six minutes on a low heatbefore we gone about ripping them andyou you really can kind of see it by eyeyou see that they start to look morecooked on topso once you’ve flipped them cook themfor between one and two minutesdepending on depending on how much theycolored on this side and turning up theheat a little bit also just be awarethat when you first try it you might getmixed results maybe they’re gonna look alittle bit burn or they’re gonna break abit when you flip them but it’s okaythey’re all gonna it’s still gonna tastethe same so practice makes perfect andthe more you do it the better they canagain so depending on how you like yourcookies I quite like mine to be a littlebit soft inside still you can check themand see how soft they areand just take them out if you like themso these ones are still a little bitsoft inside there you goa yummy plate of cookies so this recipemakes about twelve cookies give or takehow big you decide to make them and justwant to let them cool a little bitbefore you eat them make a tea and diginit’s really cold so we’re gonna warm upand drink our tea and eat our cookies soyeah if you enjoyed this video then letus know by leaving us a comment and letus know what you thought of the cookiesand subscribe and yeah[Music]


  1. This is a super simple and very delicious recipe to make in a rice cooker. It’s a great way to use old donuts and turn them into a delicious dessert!

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