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unintelligent teens bake cookies

they were actually really crunchy and hard oops

yeah I was kinda mad at how they turned out but it was fun anyways so ya know what I can’t even be mad about it. anyways I filmed this on my new camera which I am super excited about so get ready for some #SICK new vids coming soon… stay tuned XD


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Video Transcription

okay guys today we’re making and
Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies set
your oven to 300 don’t that would have
been so bad now we combine the cookie
makes the butter softened butter hey
yeah why don’t leave it in there for
that long that’s it the butter is so
melted okay I can show you it smells
fantastic liquid alright now I’ll mix it
anyways it’s like really stinky I don’t
know this looks so good oh my god
how how does that even happen yeah see
that’s the normal size of it you’re not
gonna eat them now look at my lunch yeah
we’re gonna keep bashing on me I’m just
gonna weak Oh someone’s feelings are
huh get over it look at us gonna
phenomenal personality
phenomenal phenomenal phenomenal person
phenomenal well I guess I’m here can’t
you get Salmonella from this yeah I did
it too though so it’s okay someone’s
feelings are hurt I could just sit there
and you can lick the ball told you all
he’d get over it these are Caleb’s and
then these are all Katie’s and these are
all Katie’s Katie’s reppin Casey I met
Kacey Musgraves
pardonnez do that it smells so bad
alright now I’ll see you when we’re done
I’m serious method
do not start a timer but I’m gonna get
some vanilla yeah why do they look like
that wait they’re definitely not done
yeah you know that song by CL you told
that to me and I couldn’t wasn’t do it
oh I got some Orla it literally says
salmonella wait is my fault
they’re like weird what get a paper clip
and I’m gonna cut it and then put it as
a nose ring
okay well the paper clip doesn’t
freaking cut it look what the okay that
looks so bad
yep I’m getting a nose ring okay that
looks so good on you then comment below
Katie should get a nose ring are you
ever gonna turn the oven off before you
drive safely
yeah limit there’s a woman killed are
you paying you think this is a charity
so we’re taking a trip to quick trip not
sure why we just got bored Caleb’s car
so glad just listen to how loud
see a quick trick play nitrogen run
there’s one if we would have taken them
off sooner they wouldn’t have stuff like
that they’re kind of hard on the bottom
I mean he’s actually don’t look that bad
never look at him he’s trying to act all
tough look at me
try to mess with me I have my Wally’s
frazzle berry juice maybe I was gonna
die all right thanks for watching peace
love you guys see you the next video

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