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Ultimate cooking guide on how to cook Pokémon cookies

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Video Transcription

hi guys the medium particle here andtoday we’re going to be making chocolateunknown cookies to celebrate my swordand shield series because it would haveunknowns in it because rip unknown it’smove and it has been moved from the gameunfortunately so this is gonna be itsmemorial we’re gonna make for it so allyou need is Oreos and chocolate barscome out so let’s hop into the video soguys our first step is to get ourchocolate we got three packets becausewe’re not gonna make ten unknown psychicsays Mykelti Jordan the recipe we’regoing to make all 26 yeah so needs toget as much chocolate as we can so thenext step is guys and each other closeup get the potato masher[Music][Music]yeahliterally come back there right shake sowe need to make sure they’ve got twobirds in and this is fine because it’snot easier you guys next step is you areyou’ve got your bold chocolate all donenow you need to take over to yourselfand pour it over your bowl of water andthen just wait for it to melt alwaysmake sure guys when you handling hotstuff blowing water knives make sure youalways have parent help with you just incase your top one of the things off youknowokay so guys the next step is wellyou’ve got your chocolate healing uphealing you need to get your knife andto chop the unknown cookies this is whyI recommend it starts to get a few extrapossesses unusable since not got all thecream to put that to the sideso the next one make sure I use a clawgrip and just slowly drop it in halfthis one should be alright if it doesn’tlook quite perfectly tonight flatten itout of itor get some of the leftover cream fromyour last one that didn’t work and justcry and get it okay make sure whenyou’ve got this on stove do not forgetabout it otherwise it will justcaramelize and burn and that is not whatwe want this recipe if that happens itwill not taste good and that you reallydon’t want that so just make sure youkeep an eye on it while you’re cookingup your unknown cookies so guys the nextstep is piping which you need to do foreach one just pie each letter and that’sit then you’ve just finished the unknowncookies all that’s next is wait for itto solidify which shouldn’t take toolong because it’s going from a reallyhigh heat to a really cold heat slowlyyeah that’s a then you do be make sureyou do the eye for each oneso first if you want to do this byyourself and pick up your own book foreach recipe then you can come it’s thePokemon cookbook fun and easy recipes bymaki cool ooh that’s a fun name to sayso first we’ve got a NW remember guysthis isn’t you don’t have to do thisbecause this is just to celebrate thememorial of unknown since it’s not inthe new game and neither is it only movetheir community it’s just from it justmakes me so sadokay so guys now we finished with allthese but you’re asking I’ve got loadsof leftovers what I do with theleftovers so on to the next stepsuppose on to the next step of this allyou do get some mush mushwhat’s next you want em you know justfor good measure you followed our recipeexactly you should have like about thismuchit wants to be used so if you don’t haveenough I guess you could add some extrachocolate to melt in there but I thinkthere should be enough recipe so on tothe next step thank you guys you’ve gotto make sure you’ve got enough chocolateto coat the ingredients because when youput in the fridge it’s got to bind allthe crunchy and stuff together causeotherwise it’s not gonna be rocky roadbut this is looking nice it does seem tobe binding everything together if youcan see those strange looks then thatmeans you’ve done it correct and monosmelting melting which means it’s easierlater and the chocolate does seem tohave coated everything so mmm smellsamazingyeah you should watch this video in 2051they’ve invented smell-o-vision I’lljust do this at home smells guys soyou’re going the bowl now it’s in herewhat what happened okay so we use needto pour it in to help and then you needto make sure it’s all the firm becauseit’s not fur won’t bind together in thefridge so yeah the next step obviouslyis putting it in the fridge before we dothat make sure it’s all firm causeotherwise you’re gonna take it out thefridge and she’s not gonna workokay that’s terminal so guys over herethe chocolate has cried it took longerthan we thought the rocky road is drieddidn’t take song as we thought but itlooks okay as you can see I put some ofthe truck plot unknown cookies againstit like that and just make it look niceand then when you serve it to someonelike what but then you have yourleftovers this is just for you and yourfamily to eat since we serve thisrestaurant the people might not thinkit’s so nice but there we go did you saybye guys

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