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Ty Roane VLOG: instructions for making cookies | M&M’s® Pudding Cookies

We took everyone’s favorite M&M’s® cookie and added lots of toys and goodies to make them even more tender, sweet and irresistible! This version is a scratch baker’s delight, but they’re easy enough for anyone—and quick enough that you can whip them up in practically no time at all. But what are the extras that make these cookies extra special? First, our favorite secret weapon for making cookies tender and chewy with just one step: pudding mix. It makes just about any dough a little softer—and in our books, that’s a good reason to keep it on hand all the time! Second, red and green M&M’s® set the holiday scene, but also add a hit of chocolate and the crunch of the candy coating. And last but not least, for an extra-loaded cookie, we added vanilla baking chips. The combination results in a treat that’s familiar, yet extra special in looks and taste

Original of the video here

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