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Two retards make cookies at 4AM

so it was 3am on a saturday night and we wanted to make cookies..

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

so two retards make cookies in thisvideo this video is not family-friendlyso yeah so I put Ryan and his family inhere earlier for a thousand degrees andthat didn’t really work so well so I’mgonna set it to 350 for these cookiesall you need is that Pillsbury Doughboyaluminum foil in that panokay so I’m gonna cut this I’m gonna cutthis alone foil with some scissors ohyeah come cutting that foil alrightalright so so so far so you gotta put itacross the pan now slap them slap itslap it to the ground you know you gottaspread it oh yeah my god now you open itnormally nothing’s wrong about it at all give me some help[Music][Music]all right now you gotta pull that cookiedough out like I pull it out of your momevery night what this thing is atemperature on it oh I was just puttingthis those kids in for fun all right nowyou got to put that pill boy’s skin onthem hair to recycle kids all right nowlet me put this dough in the oven like Iput right in the other 10 to 14 minutesI put animal in there way longer[Music]all right so the next step is to take itout of the oven talk crap oh it’scertain oh right it’s almost like it was350 degrees in there okay after thatthird degree burn on him look at allthese delicious cookies amen look it’sJosh’s paintball skills it belongs inthe trash all right time to put it outof his miserynow you get to enjoy your deliciousChristmas[Music][Music]

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