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Twins help make cookies


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Video Transcription

they’re gonna make some peanut butteroatmeal cookies on the bad boy so theyyou know think about a handful of kidson a trip so thank you drop them we’llput them in nowall right we’re going to use two cups ofoatmeal rocky put the old melon twotypes of gluten-free oatmeal we’re goingto use about half a cup of sugarthis is Ricky’s turn okay brick you putthe sugar and then we’re going to do sowe’re using trivia instead of sugar Iwant to chew it shell in there we’regonna take that out okay and then wehave about a cup of peanut butter we useTeddy’s peanut butter so mommy’s gonnatake it out then you can mix it so we’regonna mix this together these littlepeanut butter chips I’m gonna mix itkind of looks like this right now mix itall up roll it into balls and put it inthe oven at 350 for 14 minutes yeah andthen we’ll have daddy’s peanut butteroatmeal cookies we are already done weadded all the ingredients we’re justmixing that’s when I’ll put it in theoven all right can you say thank you forwatching everybody thank you say bye bye[Music]all right guys this is what they shouldlook like before they go in the ovenand you put them in the oven for 14minutes at 350 here’s what they looklike hope you enjoy thanks for watching

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