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Video Transcription

it’s time to prepare for Christmas Ifeel like I am just way behind and Itore up the kitchen the other day I hada four I had four hours worth of work toget it cleaned up and I still didn’t getenough cookies so today I am doingchocolate chip cookies and these are theones I have in my food blog they’re theto-die-for chocolate chip cookies andthey’re excellent this makes a giantbatch so you need a heavy-dutyKitchenAid because it’s not going tohold a regular mixer is just not goingto do it so in my KitchenAid I have apound of butter that’s four sticks apound of butter and it’s softened soit’s been mixing in here in this bowl Ihave two cups of dark brown sugar and Ihave one-and-a-half cups of granulatedsugar so I’m going to put that in heremake sure your dark brown sugar ispacked down so you get the right amountso that’s going in there and I’m goingto cream these sugars and buttertogether so we’ve got that going herethe next thing I’m going to do is add assoon as this kit gets creamed in thereI’m going to add two tablespoons ofvanilla extract one of the things I hadplanned on doing this Christmas was tomake vanilla extract I haven’t gottenaround to it so we’re gonna use thevanilla extract from the store so let mego ahead and make sure I get all thisincorporated here we’re going to get thebutter and those sugars nice and mixedup and let’s go ahead and do this makesure that your butter is softened you donot come in into this with a hard butterlet me get this out put it back in thereso we’ve got two tablespoons now avanilla extract I’m gonna pop that rightin therethe next thing we’re going to add threeeggs we’re going to make sure they’relarge eggs so they’re going right inthree large eggs now my good friend DaveMontgomery gave me some beautiful eggsfrom his farm the other day the problemwas they’re a little bit smaller so makesure your eggs are large you’re going toneed more moisture for this cookie doughso after that we’re going to add sixcups of all-purpose flour use a goodall-purpose flour so you’ll have a goodresult with your cookies so that’s allincorporated I’m going to do it a littlebit at a time I don’t want to put it allin this is a lot of Joe today so sixcups of all-purpose flour these are mygo-to cookies I love them the nice thingabout this chocolate chip cookie is Ican take it and wrap it up in plasticand then I can freeze that joke it’lllast in my refrigerator for a coupleweeks but when I freeze itI it’ll last for a couple months so thisis nice I can make a giant batch likethis and keep it and be ready to use itwhenever I need it I have used thiscookie dough to make large cookies likebirthday cookies birthday cake cookiesand it just is really good now tell youthe background story about how I gotthis recipe we were living in Californiaand we joined a group that would babysitit was a babysitting co-op basically andso during this time we shared recipesand thisone lady that shared this recipe wasjust fabulous and we went crazy when thefirst time we ever tasted them so youcan hear the the mixture getting alittle a little testy there it’s goingto get even testier here a few minutesbecause we’re going to put a lot ofchocolate in there and a lot of nuts onething I like to do with this dough isadd white chocolate or a mixture ofchocolate and the white chocolatesometimes I’ll leave out the nuts youcan this basic joke can be manipulatedhowever you want and it makes a greatcookie we’re almost done here we’ll justflour 6 cups is a lot but it’s just theright amount for what we’re doing thismakes some dozens and dozens of cookiesso I’m to stop the mixer now and I amgoing to scrape down the sides to makesure I’ve got all of the butter andsugars and everything mixed in thereokay let’s get this baby going againspeak to me your areaso now to get the cookies to do what wewant the oven we’re going to need to addsome salt and some baking soda so I’mgoing to add one and a half teaspoons ofsalt not sea salt regular salt so thatgave us in there and now one and a halfdeep teaspoons of baking soda not bakingpowder baking soda you can find thisrecipe on my food blog see a de you serWordPress and it’s up there they’recalled to die for cookies so we’ve gotthis bummer to slow it down again andscrape the the bowl there we go now it’snot a weak dough it’s a nice thick drydough next thing we’re going to add thechocolate chipsit’s gonna start coming out of the bulbhere in a second so we’re going to addfour cups of chocolate chips seven sweettoday sometimes they get crazy and I usea milk chocolate it just all depends onwhat you want what the amount of sugarwas sugars we have in this cookiesemi-sweet is perfect here we go it’sall yes some of it more I’m gonna haveto pick up all these chocolate chipsthat are flying out of the bowl here andwe want to Joe I’m gonna slow it down alittle bit all right and we’re gonna addsome more chocolate chipssometimes this kind of stuff happens andwe’re gonna finish you having thechocolate chips by hand because it isgetting wild and we’re gonna add twocups of nuts so that’ll be the end of itchop your nuts up and you’ll put it inthere and then to serve to go ahead andget it ready we’ve gotten a Silpat onour baking sheet in the instructions onthe internet you’re gonna find that youcan use wax paper if you don’t have aSilpat I like the Silpat you’ll get acookie rack and you’ll bake these foranywhere between 8 and 10 minutes Iusually go about nine I like my cookiechewy so I use a scoop about this big sothey’re all consistent and that’s how itis I’ll try to get a picture of thecookie and show you a little bit lateron after I post this so have a good dayhappy baking

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