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The Try Guys Bake Cookies Without A Recipe

#WithoutARecipe is officially back! Which batch of #TryGuys cookies will bake it to the top?🍪🏆

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Video Transcription

they’re back in the Test Kitchen forwithout a recipe the series four weeksfor episode four foods no recipe eachweek we’re gonna be focusing on adifferent food cookies bagels ice creamand birthday cakes I’m not here to makefriends I’m here to make friends withthe judges we have YouTube sweetheartRosanna pansino and world-renowned chefRoy Choi stick around cuz without arecipes gonna be all month long baby[Music]the try guys are back in the kitchen forwithout a recipe to kick off this seasonthey’re baking cookies everyone outthere you’ve made a cookie it’simpossible with God each of the Tri guyswill have two hours to make a cookie oftheir choice and presented to our panelof judgeswell I tell you what I’ve never seenthis ever hi I’m Rosie Anna pansino andI have the most popular baking show onYouTube and I have been baking since Iwas four years old my name is Roy Choi Ihave no baking experience but I’mextremely judgmental hi my name is ReeseI’m the owner of Brady’s bakery we’re anonline baking company specializingcookies and bread pudding as long as youhave good quality ingredients it’s kindof hard to mess up a cookie just don’tyou have a base cookie recipe it’sreally easy to change up the extractsand the flavorings and the mix-ins it’sall about the ratios of sugar to fat toflour if you’re having some fun in thekitchen for the first time and you’remaking cookies and you’ve never madethem before again it’s all about trialand error just have a really good timein the kitchen and don’t be afraid ofmaking mistakes because they’re gonnahappen without a recipe is the formatthat I developed for the try guysexclusively to allow me to win morevideos I’m definitely taking home atleast two of these episodesI guarantee it Kanaka cookies I’mcalling I got cake I think I got thebasics down I’m really focusing on thecreativity I’m really leading with thefoot forward of what can I do to getalcohol in this item look we’ve done alot of cooking videos I’ve been on a hotstreak lately but that was with a recipethis is try guys without a recipe piesand bread I get third place both timeswhole horse crap I don’t bake last timewe did this I did not do so well timebefore that I also did not do so wellthat is the worst food I’ve ever triedin my life I’m not good at this[Music]all right bakers three two one try tobake go bake today I’m gonna be makingcookies with peanut butter and chocolateI will be adding some white miso to mypeanut butter to give it a little umamiflavor today I’m going to be making agarbage cookie know know what kind ofcookie you make it that’s what I’mcalling it now in the past I’ve triedthis technique it didn’t work out buttoday I’m feeling good I’m gonna betaking all of the things that I love andloading it up into one monster cookieI’m gonna make something with alcoholand I’m going to try my darndest to putthings that have no business being in acookie into a cookie and I’m gonna tryto find a way to put gochujang and misointo a cookie let’s hear this againKorean fermented bean paste I can saywith confidence as a Korean it does notappear in desserts it’s the sauce youput in given Bob I bought this at theKorean market and I have it in myrefrigerator and I will be making myfather’s favorite cookie my dad lovesoatmeal raisin cookies I’m going to thatdad flavor this season cinnamon raisineverything my dad has eaten raisin branevery day for his life since I’ve beenborn that’s a dog had his burger what updawn[Music]to start each try guy will have 40minutes to prepare the cookie dough sofor our base cookie recipe I came upwith a little acronym tabsflour eggs butter baking soda or bakingpowder and sugar I know that cookiedough has butter cuz it makes some mepoop I know it has egg because you’renot supposed to eat raw cookie dough butI do it anyway and I know it’s got sugarcuz it’s oh so yummythere’s people in my family who say yeahmy room so your first step is will creamtogether your cold butter brown sugarand granulated sugar together I like touse cold butter because it really helpswith the texture and the density of thecookie at the end I grab some almondflour because I like nuts I know thatthey do butter and sugar togetherthat’s the recipes start that’s what I’mgonna do – that’s what recipes in twocups of fine pastry flour make twodifferent batters and then try somethingweird know how much supposed to go withanything so I’m just putting in a bunchsalted butter in my cookies cuz I like agood presence of saltto me it’s don’t be afraid of salt youdope you don’t want to over salt yourcookie but I think Saul kind of cuts thesweetness and really adds that saltysweet bite people don’t realize yougotta have salt and everything in fact Idon’t think there’s such a thing as toomuch salt butter got put in the freezercuz it’s just something I see myfather-in-law do when he bakes piessomething’s about not letting yourbutter get too melted is like a thing Idon’t know what I’m doing the next thingyou’re gonna do is you’re gonna add inyour eggs in your vanilla make sure tomix well until incorporate it but do notover mix because you avoid melting thebutter and over spreading at the endokay so I’m gonna use two eggs okay howmany eggs – Eggs[Applause]twigs feels good I put some water andthe eggs and the butter together Irealize that’s not right wet ingredientsfirst and then your dry ingredients it’sgonna be together the other days thougheverything I know about baking I knowfrom what I up horribly inprevious episodes so I know that you’resupposed to do your wet and your dryseperately my eggs are not going inuntil we’re really ready oh and vanillaobviously will pumpkin flavored creamliqueur go better with miso or poachujong one goes in peace they will getwhoa it smells like oatmeal deliciousoatmeal and oil I feel like cookies havemore oil than other things and I thinkyou want to do is add in your mixed endsin this case it was chocolate chips soadd in your chocolate chips and just mixuntil incorporated we put this into thewet batter that way you don’t run therisk of having chocolate chips be unevenin certain cookies now I have so manyraisins to choose from today called biggolden little golden and Ziggler ball mydad loves raisin bran and the number onesignature thing about raisin bran is ithas how many two scoops of raisins allright I’m coming so he’s so excited tosee how this turns out oh can I use yourcinnamon yeah hey it’s our cinnamonthanks can I say I think oatmeal raisingets a really bad rap say game same butif you go in knowing what it is you geta good oatmeal chocolate chip with anice flaky sea salt on spot oh you gotdaddy’s favorite right thereyou call him daddy no but growing uplike everything that was my dad’s wascalled daddy this the milk that he drankvitamin D milk I was daddy milkhe had this coffee cake that was daddycake oh this is a Korean culture songwhich is very spicy fermented Pulverhusbandthat’s really spicy oh never seengochujang dessert so you know I haveactually heard about white miso beingcombined with peanut butter before wegot coconut flakes we got almonds we’regoing nuts instead of chocolate chipsI’m going to do M&MS let’s get somebittersweet chocolate too sure why notthis feels really nice smells likeoatmeal so sweet and pecans and mineyeah we’ll add some paper and chocolatechips I’ll be great[Music]20 minutes in the guys seem to have hita wall putting some salt in because itwas so sweet it’s boring your food yeahchunky peanut butter what are we gonnado what am I gonna do now don’t get mewrong I love chunky peanut butter on asandwich all day every day but on acookie doesn’t play a little all spicein there try to make it a little moreinteresting Wow look at that yeah it’s alot of stuff full on cups of peanutbutteryou gotta put peanut in the name gottahave peanuts as your game I cannot lookoften say that this tastes goodand as you can see from the color thatis spicy red bean paste it tastes goodbut it’s still just like not challengingenough my daddy likes more salt thanthis but I think I’m gonna put flakesalt on the top of the finished cookiethis might be totally inaudible but youjust gone for it so next the final stepof the mixing process is the dryingredients your flour your leaveningagents we do equal parts baking soda andbaking powder and your salt in this casewe also incorporated our cinnamon andcornstarch and then I put all of my dryingredients into the wet all at oncebecause you don’t want to overwork theflour or any baking powder or sodawhat’s the difference never know themore the merrier they’re probably notthat different let’s go with half ateaspoon look how good my Luck’s out amixing peanut butter into my egg mixtureI’m about ready to get my butter out ofthe freezer that looks like somethingset it flip it switch it’s gettingslower and thicker that’s a good sign isegg make it stronger nothing wrong witheggs a half a cup of chocolate chipssuper goodoh dear Lord forgive me for I am sinningfeel like I’ve done something wrong cuzthese are both so goopy but I gotta getthis scoop into that cool is thisthere’s this red stuff on my thumb keyis about to consume you geez leftoverdon’t you John in three two one oh it’sso spicy[Music]put some almond extract uh-oh looks likeZac is also going to make a mistake ohno it’s not good oh my god it’s likespicyoh my god like to do that with tenminutes left to gothings are not looking so good for someof the guys ten minutes okay oh now I’mgetting grossed out by what I’m making Ithink I need more ingredients for thisto be considered a monster to add alittle more miso I don’t really tasteany miso right now one of the fridge all right I’m gonna also chill minewe are waiting for our cookies to chillwe are waiting for our cookies to chillso we can put them onto the platter andinto the oven and it shouldn’t matterwhich one of us wins but we’ll figure itout but we don’t know what we’re doingcookies well they should be about nowthat we have our fully mixed batter it’stime to pour shout the dough intoindividual cookies be mindful aboutspreading your cookies far enough apartI like to allow two inches on each sideyou don’t want the cookies to spread outand run into each other otherwise you’llwind up with a cookie cake I’ll use theparchment paper the best cookie sheetsare lined with butter so I’m just gonnause a normal spoon okay let’s do oneplatter at a time what are confusingblend of flavors it’s very wet cookiedough is not wet it’s gonna lean intothe idea that they look like monstersyou know let them beat globs let globsbe globs let monsters be monsters I’mtoying with the idea of the classicpeanut butter crisp shaping with thefork stuff on the side I’m puttinglittle pretzels on top of mine forhashtag aesthetics I can guarantee youthat no one in the history of theuniverse has ever made this dough maybeMike you know one half is me so one halfis go to John’s who have like kind ofrepresents the Frog historicallyto encourage Pam two minutes left twominutes right we got this feel like Ineeded to chill these more cookies arenot supposed to be so wet I’m trying tomake the Ted look oh wowother people might notice the unionsymbol okay oh my god my hands are sosticky but those are definitely biggerthan these time to wash them you have 30seconds in seconds oh my god wow this islike real cooking show drama like yourscounting down every time you watch thoseshows you think that it’s imaginary butthis is real like we have like 30seconds and I don’t know if I’m gonna beable to plate this this is exciting thecookies have chilled for an hour nowit’s time to put them in the oven let’sstart the timer please remember fromchildhood the cookies they cook frozencookies that I baked in my house cookabout nine to 10 minutes and since theseare just refrigerated I think it’s gonnabe more seven or eight minutes and I’mdown my guess is 12 minutes 12 minutesreally that fastI think they cook pretty fast well maybe25 minutes I don’t know I prefer gooeyor cookie so if I pull it out earlierthan laterprobably more okay with that then itbeing really freaking crispyI smell Korean food so far I’m doingthey look like cookies so if I couldsweep put our cookies in at 375 for 14minutes we’re looking for a rise untilit’s a nice dome shape a little bit ofspreading and then a nice golden Sunkistbrown and a little cracking on the edgesOh something is immediately happeningand that something is not promising whatis that I will say I forgot to put anybaking powder baking soda I don’t knowif that’s the thing I meant to I didn’twell I did but I didn’t only put alittle bit of one Oh God do therewe may never see they’re really now theyreally never see what is happening yourcookies are spreading way too much andit just looks like it’s turning intolike a pudding at that point youprobably know you have way too muchbutter or just not enough flour oh mygod my cookies they’re definitelynothing you put so much butter in theylook like pancakes I think I put toomuch butter in this is awful I’m losingmy ridges it’s like they’re peeing it’sbeen 1 minute and they are well is thatthe caramels super weirdoh goodness take all that confidencefrom about 40 seconds ago and throw itout the windowwhoop I tell you what I’ve never seenthis ever I’m sorry don’t I thoughtyours were gonna be perfectthey’ve met they’ve met and now they’remarried and their one cookie it’s likeit’s crying glass like a sheet it lookslike I’m making meth and breaking bagI’m leaving I’m gonna walk away there’sno good there’s nothing I can dostand-in herelook at them it’s getting even worsethey’re gonna be squares by the end ofthis row cupcakes right ceramic do wehave anything that can help me I’mmaking an emergency batch I still havebatter left over what we clear that Ihave leftover dough I can make a secondbatch where is it who threw out myleftover is it where is it no this couldhave been it why my hands are covered ingarbage what’s crazy is that they arethere but they’re still just pure liquidthere’s so much just butter everywhereokay we’re just gonna have a little dabsoak up the excess butter oh boythey look nicer than I thought theywould but I think they’re a little toofluffy how do your thinggiant asks by seam douchebag cookieslook so good it was like you did set outto make garbage cookies I think you’vedone it I’d venture to say that’s agolden brown and a toasted marshmallowlike it looks more appetizing you wouldnever know there’s Korean fermented beanpaste inside of that I got my cookiesyeahthey look and smell good you know what Ithink daddy will be proud you knowdaddy’s gonna like it lovely creams hiscookies we won’t use that joke okay Ineed to prep a baking wrap and knife anda whole bunch of courage let’s do thisthey look amazing their way to the egghot tray hot net trayI’ve got it coming through let’s dancethere we go hot cookies okay they don’tlook that as bad as they should rememberyou just need a dozen to present atheater doesn’t[Music]now[Music]12 yes let’s gohahaha God and now it’s time to cut tosome cute ol little baby cowstoday we’re gonna be judging you one forthings presentation taste creativity andis it a cookie for me I like a reallythick cakey cookie gooey Center fromexterior and lots and lots of flavor myfavorite cookie is a chocolate chipcookie I just want these cookies totaste good and not be burnt perfectchocolate chip cookie is still thequintessential cookie[Music]judges I present to you a return tochildhood a cookie that uses all thethings that I loved as a kid M&Mspretzels caramel and more I hope you gogaga for my little monster I really likethe presentation very fun oh he’s eatingit he’s eating it Oh creativity-wise Imean I like the fact that you put insome really cool ingredients in therethis could have been a hot mess but itactually is pretty I definitely like theM&Ms in the chocolate I don’t tasteenough saltI like that depending on where I bite ittastes different like the middle theoutsides are bird thoughdid you use any sort of leavening bakingsoda baking powder in this sure this isa lot of butter I mean it’s just veryit’s so soft this is without breaking itcan bend does it not look like the mostdelicious little yarmulke you’ve everseen looks like a state looks likeAustralia actually yeah or us babyactually I mean that is creativeso I’d buy this set of big so big silkcookies are usually badhowever you wrap these individuallythat’s good do most of your experimentscome out this edible no I got mine Ifeel like a winner already I’m not justnot sure too much for me if it’s acookie so you don’t think it’s a cookiebut to me it’s a cookie because I don’tknow what else it is judges thesecookies honor my father Donald hammersburger who loves oatmeal raisin cookiesthese are oatmeal raisin cinnamoncookies also known as daddy’s favoritefirst of all right away the presentationis beautiful and I love the sprinkle ofsaltI can smell Oh am I supposed to like itOh what do you not like it’s a littledeceptive all right all the flavors wentvery dry maybe too much cinnamoncinnamon sucks all the moisture out ofsomething well it’s like the only flavorI taste is cinnamon which is deceptivebecause you think it’s gonna be likethis super chewy saw delightful cookieand it just it kind of crumbles in yourmouth these were baked yes okay becausethey feel like you took out meal uh-huhlike soft oatmeal and then form them andthen some dried them all of this iscoming from a good place presentationand I like the ratio of raisins just thetaste is the one that’s the one pillaron the little struggling people don’teat cookies for the taste they eat itfor the number of raisins or or the lookfather’s often have a very dry sense ofhumor and I tried to capture that in mycookie as daddy’s favorite metaphors yesokay I think the title is creative I dolike the daddy’s favorite thank you butyou know it’s a standard oatmeal raisincookie with a little bit of sea salt ontop so I think it’s pretty down themiddle uh-huh well and is it a cookie Ithink it’s a cookie it’s a deceptivecookie I would consider this to be moreof a cookie than the last one we sawbecause the look and the texture it justhas just lacks seatingyou feel like put like a bunch ofsaltines in your mouth Toto be hella madnot that dry my moment of weakness wellwhat if I market it as a health bar thatwould work absolutely like wow this ispretty good for something healthy doesit speak Dada – you know I would neverfeed my kid this but what your kids feedyou this no judges I present to you mypeanut butter chocolate crisps as a kidmy favorite cookies to bake were peanutbutter cookies Walt about it looksstraight up like a cookie for sure allthe crispy your side I love the thesprinkle salt on top it’s very thin Imean this is a very doesn’t budge candycookie look at health and we are here Imean this is like paper tip looks likeyou’ve baked before my wife yes yeschewy in the middle crispy on theoutside there’s a little bit more crispbut then I would like got some burningyeah it’s so close it’s just the burningI think is a great cookie I’d pay fourdollars for this in criticisms man Ithink it’s a great cookie they’retalking about I really want to taste thechocolate chip it’s just kind of few andfar between peanut butter is a prettystrong flavor so you can pretty much putin any kind of cookie although if I’veever had a peanut butter chocolate chipcookie do they exist yeah I have one onmy menu[Laughter]so for me this is actually a big daybecause it’s the first time I’ve everhad a peanut butter chocolate chipcookie you never forget your firstno forget my first is this a creativeI’ve given nothing but compliments but Idon’t think it’s that creative peanutbutter and chocolate chef to me it’spretty standard judges is it a cookiedefinitely a cookie yes yes it’s acookie whoa I proudly present to you ohmy god my yin yang I was inspired bycreating two different batters puttingthem together as opposing forces withsome unconventional flavors I love thisidea I love this reason Tatian you knowI’m a Gemini there’s the sweet side andthen there’s the feisty side that’s agood description of what this ispresentation is beautiful like it reallydoes mean we were all like oh that’slike an Instagram a bowl like freakingshot right there this is huge this isthe size of a bagelit’s a strange cookie I’m not sayingit’s bad or good I’m just saying it’sstrange whoa why are so spicy oh my godso judges on the lighter side you havevanilla pecan Bailey’s that has apumpkin spike to it huh a lot of misoand then on the darker side you havechocolate cacao Kahlua and gochujangspicy chili have you ejecting twocookies here though I feel like we gotthe pecan vanilla one which actually Ilike very good then you got the darkerone with the spice in it still deliciousit’s just again like a super Kiki to methis changepresentation-wise it’s it’s extremelyunique case pumpkiny but this tastesbegley and it tastes like a pumpkinbagel bagel with both young is reallyimportant to add a lot of aromatics tobalance out the paste itself so gingergarlic green onions cookie batter veryedgy because this is pushing theboundaries of what is a cookie creatingtwo cookies in one cookie is it a cookieso I thought the presentation wasbeautiful it’s just not to me it is veryborderline cookie cake I almost putgochujang in as an experiment with theexpectation that it might totally failbut this is it’s not as strong itactually baked out more than I thoughtit would but the heat is still therewhich I quite like that well thanks forall your cookies you guys were going todeliberate now and figure out who’s thewinner thank you now it’s time to talkabout the guys and how they did the nextFrankenstein cookie the thing that Ididn’t like was also the same thing Iloved I loved how everybody tasteddifferent I like to be surprised but Ibit into a few bites that were terribleI didn’t like the cranberry I didn’t getany cranberry but I just need thepresentation it just doesn’t look likeanything it looks a little sloppy to mebut this looks like one of the firstcookies I made when I was five years oldit looks like a kid’s cookies perfectfor a bake sale this one for sure whatstands out for me is the butter contentI mean you could really I mean thatreally brings out a lot of flavor for itthat nice little hint of peanut butterreally complements the chocolate it juststayed in the oven a bit too long andthen let’s talk about thisoatmeal granola bar hiking buddy it justcrumbled though it did have nothingholding it together the first eversun-dried cookie yeah very creative themost creative out of all of them I likethe pecan and for the no aside the mostI mean cuz Eugene did extra credit hemade two cookies and I will say thishalf was really balanced I reallyenjoyed it even though it pushed the bedof what is it cookie based on the cookiecriteria this is a pancakethat’s a granola bar that’s a bagel okaybut have we made our decision I think wedo know number one so there is a littlesuspense because there almost isn’t anumber three there’s a four a and a fourbe pleased you guys could also say thatthey tied for third place there are nolosers there are two third places sowe’re gonna start with fourth place butjust know in your heart you’re alsothird yeah you’re also sick wait theother third oh my gosh I’m gettingnervous this is for b3bare you kidding memajorly a texture thing that it’s moreof a pancake and the cranberry and itwas a little uncouth Reap Jimcranberries and the whole doesn’t feel hoodwink so hard right now somebytes it’s a bit like an audition room Iguess when they say you did great WowThank You Joseph very welcome now movingon to third place which we decided wasthe oatmeal cookie now this was becausethe texture again is confusing in aborder lined being a granola bar wasn’tsweet enough and very dry and a lot ofcinnamon so splitting the hairs wedecided that this one is a hair more ofa cookie I don’t know what I’m gonna doI am so happy to hear that I totallycrushed Zac in his bottom two is notbottom one so I will take third placeI’m thrilledI just cannot handle the thought of evergetting fourth place in one of thesecompetitions now for the winner this wasactually a unanimous decision by all ofus the top two cookies were excellentthis cookie the chocolate chip peanutbutter cookie was incredible excellentbutter content the flavors of the peanutbutter and the Chocolate were absolutelysuperb this one creativity through theroof the two flavors of cookies werefantastic we loved both cookies but forus it was very unanimous that the winnerof this challenge is[Music]Wow right congratulationsthanks judges today for eating ourcookies for giving us your wonderfulthoughts it was just the first episodewe got a whole season coming at you wegot bagels we got ice cream and we gotcakes and you bet your buns you’ll see alittle bit more of daddy’s favorite makesure to subscribe to that’s right guyswithout a recipe without a recipe nextweek on without a recipe it’s the Jewishnational food it’s our thing man wellI’m gonna get salmonella

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