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THE NIGHT SHIFT #4.5: instagram models baking cookies

so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings.





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Video Transcription

okay smile okay hi-yah toast
wait right here yeah great looks toasty
all right welcome back to the night
shift ladies and gentlemen it’s time to
call what is it welcome back to the
night shift ladies and gentlemen you’re
working late and so are we it’s time to
clock in I was not gonna even do this
pre intro this video has one purpose and
that is to do the full length end of
baking cookies with Instagram models I
couldn’t get it into the last edit
because deep YouTube was going to do
monetize that I knew that I still want
to make it enough money off these
episodes to make sure that I have toast
for the show that’s probably how much I
made off the last episode so thank you
so much for providing toast I want to
run through a couple quick items and
that’s it and then I’m just gonna launch
the video to you guys I haven’t promised
the key so quick maverick house upstate
quick maverick house updates evan is
back from San Francisco he didn’t want
to join today for whatever reason but he
will be back later in the week would
sport shorts and all of his incredible
commentary pretty close to locking a
massive guests for later in this week on
a new segment of clogging of remedial
tasks I’ll give you guys a little hint
this week’s guests name rhymes with the
last name of the star who carried this
man out of Vietnam and got shot in the
butt while doing it in a popular 1994
movie good luck with that it’s really
not that hard so I’m sure you’d be able
to figure it out if you figure it out
drop it in the comments below I started
a 3 day juice cleanse no booze no solid
foods and worst of all no buttery toast
I brought it on the show today just
because I could not do the show without
the buttery toast I’m probably gonna
give it to David to eat afterwards I’ve
been drinking strictly juice for the
past 18 hours my internal organs are
starting to leak out of my butt it is a
horrifying scene but I the vegans keep
telling me it’s for a good cause it’s it
there’s a reason behind
moving out all these toxins but it’s
terrible I’m hungry I’m angry and I’m
low on patience right now how many days
you got left on those juice cleanse
whose birthday is it tomorrow tomorrow
is our friend Riley Riley’s birthday I’m
not gonna say her last name because I’m
so scared of demonisation and just being
attacked by the powers that be
tomorrow’s Riley’s birthday I’m gonna
juice clense throughout the day I’m not
gonna make any promises sure what’s
gonna happen to me okay and by the way
hopefully some of the footage from that
party ends up on later in the weeks
night shift you could come late right
and film yeah oh okay a lot of people
have also been asking what kind of toast
this is Dave’s killer bread this is not
sponsored whatsoever
trust me nobody wants to sponsor the
show yet actually someone did reach out
by the way what was it I can’t remember
what it was but some company reached out
there oh it was a peat brushing like a
charcoal toothbrush where you whiten
your teeth and they’re like it we have a
small budget but we like your show well
I think everything might do that we
might or might not sponsored it’s killer
Bret this is 21 whole grains and seeds
this stuff is incredible and Earth
Balance butter that’s not even butter I
live with vegans it’s not even buttered
but the two of these combined actually
make for a pretty tasty buttery toast so
if you guys want to try that out that’s
great but until then I’m gonna be just
drinking this juice and just living on
the toilet this is like the tenth douche
I drank so far today its meaning of
toilet Spencer is also back so I think
there’s gonna be a lot of toilet time
with Spencer just shooting out
uncontrollably over the next few
episodes Thursday I’m leaving the
country to go meet up with our friend
Logan Paul he’s in Sweden working on
this mystery project and so I might fire
off a night shift from there but that’s
also gonna be a great trip I’m going on
the end of his mystery project because
what it was was he wasn’t allowed to
really do anything except for work for
like three weeks and so he knows to
invite me out for like the very end of
it when he can’t what he’s done working
and we’re just gonna go
so there’s I’m sure there’d be a vlog
from that finally I’m going to pick one
person who shares the link for this
video on Twitter and I’m just gonna
randomly Vendrell this money so like
share this video I don’t know how much
it’s going to be it’ll be decent enough
so you buy yourself some buttery toast
okay and obviously if you’re watching
this like the video subscribe to the
channel follow me on instagram at hey
Big Mike and I’ll drop some more fun
links in the description below anything
else let’s go to cook your videos what
would you say all right now they’re
anyways without further ado even when
I’m not drinking dude I can’t speak
properly on the show I don’t know what
it is without further ado I give you
what I owe you guys here you go enjoy it
please thumbs up it multiple times if
this video gets zero thumbs down I’ll
skim through the comment section so like
the video and then say I liked the video
and I’ll skim through the comment
section find you and I’ll also venmo you
money to like I’m just gonna venmo a lot
of people money if it gets any thumbs
down I’m gonna find out who you are I’m
gonna come to your house I’m gonna pull
your mom out of the house and I’m gonna
give her some money as well baby think
that was coming dude you little shit I
love you guys this saw I cannae a pin so
4 point 5 episode 5 coming later in the
week I hope you guys figure out that
riddle and enjoy the Bucks
time to clock out thanks for watching
are you still watching thanks for
watching time to clock out time to clock
out thanks for watching
hello and welcome back to our first ever
episode of baking and bikinis today
we’re gonna show you how to make
chocolate chip cookies so almond milk so
if I were like precisely what some eggs
happy egg now put your cookies into an
ungreased square baking pan make sure
that when you put it on the pan you like
spread it out evenly so they don’t stick
together we’re not making a cookie Oh
cake okay good

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