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It’s scary how Polina and John sound the same sometimes…

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Video Transcription

oh yes awesome 3/4 of a cup of whitesugar do you want to mix the stuff justwalk one leave all of it yeah yeahthat’s like meltdown so like blockit’s really wellyour maid butters no okay[Music]Oh[Music]I’ve never done this sorry KingOh No okay I made how do they make hiseyebrows on Oh[Music]why aren’t you doing that I’m some timeokayword up the staff in the trashI think no I’ve never tried itplaying disgusting and I triedabsolutely not why not finally put ithow much did you know that they usebeaver butt juice or vanilla disgustingbecause their butt glands to markterritory actually some shitty smellreally goodthat’s why they use it and if you don’tbelieve me just google itjust like in front of the camera butreally no like a like a lot of it plainnodid you know that they didn’t use thebeaver but glands they just use avanilla bean vanilla extract when itcomes from a bean tell your water wateradd sugar to vanilla in 1/4 cups ofall-purpose flour okno because like it’s gonna be like onewrong I know that’s what the sticker isforward no no no no no no do that[Music]is it overdaughter just like into the end of thesong but this poverty does not look like40 something service doesn’t even looklike chocolate chip cookies literallyneed two cups of chocolate grave we’regonna be here for a while either smelllike chocolate I don’t even know ifchocolate can go bad can eat it tasteskind of weird should we put it in or notI know same should we put in sprinklesdoesn’t do anything we knowchocolate absent a leader drop the daysthat were they perfect it seasonal kissyou sleep not all of it already headedoh uh dawn god stop God it was wrongproblem yes what should we actuallyabuse awesome you know that isdisgusting okayoh so yeah let’s just go let’s justdon’t is this more like chocolate andthen the other thing workperson soon that’s what we don’t that’sa call for semi-sweet this one has whitestuff on the back don’t do that next[Music][Music]no but the nasty ones almost of ourcookie concoction along the way that wasinterestingyour[Music][Music]but okay so make like so like just makelike take a whole another tray and justmake like one big gigantic ass cookie umI don’t know what we did but this is thefinal resultand I hope they taste good I want to getready for this okayso Ethan left so if you won’t be able totry our wonderful cookies okayI wouldn’t even so they were too biganother squares so let’s try okaythe three two one I meanthey don’t taste like chocolate chipcookies but after all what an eight-pagelife like Pillsbury Dough Matt likesugar cookie cut out things but they’renot too bad momlike I’m gonna eat more this would likeaccess chocolate in it my gosh I knowwhat this is aboutyeah there are all right thank you forwatching those stupid video it’sprobably gonna be like 20 minutes longso I thank you

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