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Students Bake Cookies to Demand Action at School (ft. JK Production Crew)
Students bake cookies to demand free products at school

Tampon Advocacy News –

• Hosted by Ryan Hasegawa
• Commentary by: Kyle Pham, Devin White, Julia Chow, Sean Nguyen, Nelson Nguyen
• Edited by Ryan Hasegawa:

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Video Transcription

[Music]Wow tampon advocacy news submitted byaunt Irma seventh graders baked tamponshaped cookies to demand free minstrelproducts at school we think that I guesskids seventh grade seventh graders bigtampon shaped cookies to demand freemints for products this nice way todemand for free tampons because I mean Iguess that’s around the time thateveryone kind of needs them so and putthe principal apparently at this at thisschool says that I said that the maleprincipal said no because they would andI quote abused the privilege which myfucking vagina man it’s every fuckingmonth I don’t know that I would call ita privilege I don’t know that anyonewould abused it like who is yeah it waslike oh hell no the abuse would be theywould grab multiples at a time wellagain yeah I did what would they do withit- you put it in their fucking vaginayeah like I feel like I’m trying toimagine like what world easier just likemajalis is crafty 7th graders so manysystems that you can put in place uh youdo seen ID check out like a few monthsset of fucking Kaplan yeah that wouldwork great things you can dofucking what is you just went with aheart no instead my heart no with a dumbreason like if you had a good reasonlike hey report yeah sure yes principalsexist I mean me because he’s a malethat’s very ignorant what am i asergeant is double down to the vaginacoming from it generally male cast of itbut yeah you want to guys want see whatthe cook with the cookies look like yesdamn right I doall right so I’m not gonna try and loadthis picture come with blood yeah yeahgonna say that yes or not use okay herewe go here we go they baked it wrong itcould look like sperm you know yeahyou’re right you’re not far off thereyeah interesting is it look like jellyit looks like a jelly sandwich yeah Idon’t know that that’s how a tamponnecessarily yeah I’ve seen what a tamponlooks like you know what do you thinkthe string is edible why they shouldgive away free tampons cuz these girlsdon’t know what’s going on yeah mate andwho is assuming who’s to assume it’s allgirls making these cookies what ifthey’re you know others otherindividuals in their title said girlsright students you’re my building theBlake seventh grade students seventhgraders baked tampon shaped cookies todemand free menstrual products at schoolhow dare you assume that it’s onlyfemale middle school students then theboys would definitely be abusing thatprivilege I hope soso Twitter is going in on this obviouslybecause Twitter you know do you thinkfuckin Twitter did its thing winners oncomments are fuzzball was like privilegeis never knowing what it’s like to becaught in public without a tampon whenyou need one fantastic these girls havereally hit the perfect balance ofactivism peaceful protest and myfavorite snark which I would agree Ithink I don’t think it’s not gay enoughyou don’t think it’s not you know howhow would you make the start here likeyou’re giving like the guys gettingcookies man he’s like no cab buzzbullshit yeahbut you think they’re making it to makefun of him though you know yeah but hestill gets a treat I disagree with yousit on something and I can’t fuckingwork with a box of things I said fuckyou Nelson wasn’t something like if youput in light flavor I hate it I’d belike fuck now it’s like maybe these areblood please bring the plate of cookiesto Duke to everyone and then like ifnothing didn’t want it just be like noyou can’t have any I’m gonna trade youfive dollars for these cookies oh boy Iguess so yeah sure yeahthat could work everyone get the cookieblood sorry way to say what did thiscombination of both because like thinkabout it you make something sweet andnice so he’s like oh you know what thesekids are night then secretly they areyou gonna do some biological warfareyeah really it’s still very into likefelony crimes that’s a really badpotential assault they just we’re tryingto make it nice yeah cookie you’re notgonna get anywhere with that strategy Ithink this is I think this is adorablein the sense that like it’s adorableunder the snarkiness just becausethey’re they’re playing nice to beingreally sweet to the point where youcan’t hate on them for really trying tomake a point because I don’t thinkthey’re being offensive I don’t thinkthat they’re being disruptive I thinkthat it’s a very like you know calm wayto sort of like express theirfrustration with the administration andnot in a way that is like oh we’re gonnago break something or something bad youneed to mix more red and black foodcoloring yeah for it to be a little bitmore accurate I seeexpands a little more than just that soit’s just so haven’t ever decided toknow what don’t like actually yeah Iactually think that is I agree you knowthis actually is like a very interestinglike case study of like kind of gettingsomeone to better educate themselvesbecause of the fact that it’s not snarkyto the point where maybe he will feelattacked yeahwhich like it still sucks and you kindahave to educate people in such a softway but it’s like that I could see thatactually being a very good way to kindof win him over even if he doesn’t agreeor understand with it if it’s likealright you know whathey Mike like these kids this obviouslymatters to them and there’s a little bitof humor in it too so like I feel likethat’s one of the better ways to likekind of and it’s soft PR to where he’sstill given away where he can still makehimself with them right right as much asI agree with this and I’m just playingdevil’s advocate in this this suggestionwhat what’s the financial like I don’tknow actually I don’t know what thefinancial lien on the school a littlebit be that’s a good question and I meanI think that teachers already have topay for their own in the public schoolsystem like especially in like mostnormal neighborhoods obviously a lot ofBMWs really ya know not my school thereason I asked it cuz like with all thelike the sexual education or like yeahyou know human sexuality studies andwhatnot they’re handing out free condomsand free like you know sure you knowother other forms of prevention for likeSTDs and pregnancy and things like thatbut what’s what’s that gonna do fortampons you know that’s a good questionI think that it definitely speaks a lotto like the political climate and howyou know underfunded a lot of educationis nowadays I’m just Jase III think thatthere is room Tilly I would I woulddefinitely love to see more you knowpublic services offer at like schoolsand stuff especially because it comeswith a lot of Education there to writehow to use it you know why are youwhere’s this uh where’s this do we knowwhere that what schooland it’s a good question depending onthe state depending where you are maybethey don’t even want to talk about yeahit’s right so even the cookie thingcould be a big deal because it’s like ohshit we don’t even want to like thinkabout the idea of menstrual cycles yeahright it’s definitely in the US based onhow this is being like the way somepeople talk about like menstrual cyclesand stuff it’s like just avoid itthey’re like no I don’t want to talkabout any of this yeah or so so yeah ithappens are like young young females areso scared when like their first periodcomes it’s like oh my god like how doyou how do you talk about something Imean I don’t know at least like for allmy friends who had their periods earlieror you know they didn’t expect theirparents to come but they bleed throughtheir underwear it actually goes throughtheir pants and is actually prettyembarrassing yeah I can imagine some ofthem actually go home so they end up notgoing to school and they just go home inthe middle of it so they’re actuallymissing a part of the education oreither that if there’s a homie out therethat’s like willing to sacrifice orsweater for them to tie around theirwaist and like that’s cool but otherthan that you really that’s a reallylike kind of shit like choices like gohome early from school or just like showeveryone that you’re bleeding everyoneit’s like really not a good choice foranybody this such a simple solution forsomething to benefit women like becausebecause you know we’re saying like thewhole like okay they give out freecondoms that’s still because it’s partof male enjoyment like yeah yesprotesting like people were doing onInstagram for a while I was like a bigtrend or whatever which you know makespeople uncomfortable as fuck and thenthe photos got taken down where thegirls would like bleed through theirclothes I through there are nowhere andthen they would take pictures of itright and then they would get flaggedtaking down imagine if like hundreds ofmiddle school girls disappear at schoolwith a bloody ass pants you know andI’ll be like a more aggressive wayso that would be but it’d be like heylook what happens if you don’t give ashit but it’s just gonna happen this isnatural right it’s such a delicate timefor girls that age like to like it’sjust it’s just so embarrassing I knowthe fact that they’re so opinionatedright now and like expressing thatdidn’t like the form of like a cookieyou know and in our bathroomsI do remember they have like tampon andpad dispensers but you would have to paythat’s why the boys need us bandtogether they’re the ones that come toschool soak their pants and bloodskroob as it is that may actually out ittasted by because yeah yeah that’s whatlike just you look historically and solike that when he does come to likewomen protest is like that like there’sa good chance they’re gonna they’regonna be the ones punished as opposed tochange actually being enacted yeah theguys gonna get punished for it like thisis a fashion statement bitch do youfigure out where it was no there’s nothing here I could probably dig a littlebit more of the Internet is terribleyou’re so I don’t think linked to the inthe description box below and show youwhere that is another thing I want tobring up though cuz the marketing sideis like oh there’s an opportunity herewhat if like you could have a likecompany sponsor this kind of thingbecause I think that that talking from abusinessI hate brand loyalty to this particularsituation for like cigarettes did thisreally well like you get kids using yourproduct and brand recognition of whatproduct you’re using and then that’llcontinue into like later stages okayright right now with babes right yeahexactly yeah oh yeah yes you’re you’reidentifying with one particular productor brand so I think that there’s anopportunity here for everybody to winit’s good PR for them exactly so butit’s a matter of like really gettingthose programs into schools and stuffand I think in a lot of states that’snot necessarily the political climate ofthe voters and how they want their moneybeing spent even though I think we canall agree here that’s definitelysomething that should be looked intomore just for public health because ifeveryone’s healthy it’s a better societyeverybody’s happier not as many peopleare embarrassed and repressed and hurtyou know even if they’re you knowgetting sick and stuff like that becauseyou can die if you know you’re nottaking care of it properly so do youthink come of this protest um that’s agood question I don’t think so I thinkthat there’s a lot ofI’m no comment now throw what theadministration is saying but I thinkthat it’s you know based on what it’sgotten on Twitter I mean people arenever saying what it is instead ofbringing like awareness to it yeah ifyou want to count as a change orwhatever bring up the discussion that’salways good because like obviously wehaven’t gone through its like Julia whatwhat for you like early what is it kindof like like dealing with I guess like alot of the different like growth thingsthat like females go through in schoollike your personal experience I don’tknow it was it was a weird feeling tofeel like something is coming out of youwithout you having any control of itwhatsoever it’s not like I can just holdit and be like you fucking stay in thereuntil some politicians think that youknow that position that was like justlove it you just hold it in like it waspee you know thousands of people some ofthose people probably waiting wheretheir resources already like kind of inplay in the school system to helpeducation what happened or was it likewell those things were at best you haveto opt in oh no like in fifth gradethey just made you sit in this like roomI remember them and they play you a tapeoh yeah I think the boys definitely needto learn about it like equally as muchyeah being a politician who think youpee out blood cuz there’s a lot ofpeople nowadays sometimes you do verylike we didn’t check that peoplenowadays that are still guys that Istill like really weirded out anduneducated on periods and how they wereflying or you’d be a messaging right nowand like just as an excuse to blame awoman for something yeah so like theydon’t really tell you exactly whatyou’re gonna go through when you bleedor like oh you need to wear a pad whenyou’re bleeding or you knew where atempo you play like they never saidanything if I was like oh you’re justgonna bleed out of your head up once amonth between five to seven days and andthis is basically the egg releasing outof you I’m like okay cool down thetechnical side I mean I the costume butbeing like we have a third hole and allthe boys are like weirdand it wasn’t till like last year theyear before that all of us guys foundout there’s a fourth holeoh yeah the two holes in the vagina howthey pee out of a different hole ohthat’s that’s that’s what he’scommenting no there’s a third hole butthere’s another hook the other hole thatyou’re thinking of wait cuz you justlook in my mind if this is real Devonwhat no Blair is girls you go throughspace no there’s two holes there’s twoholes yeah three plus one equals threeno cuz of the mouth hole there’s a bowland there’s you got the hero money holdit’s crazy and all right here[Music]

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