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Speech 1 Vegan No Bake Cookies

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Video Transcription

I love baking but sometimes recipes canbe way too complicatedand we just don’t have enough time tomake them so today I’m going to beshowing you how to make vegan no bakecookies that only require a few simpleingredients and are perfect for anyoccasion so today all you need is somecreamy or crunchy peanut butter I’musing creamyyou also need some maple syrup not thekind you put on your pancakes the puremaple syrupyou also need some coconut oil or youcan also use vegan butter some cocoapowder rolled oats if you want you canjust glue it in free if you are glutenfree some salt and some vanilla extractyou’re also going to need a medium sizedsaucepan a whisk or stirring utensil ascoop some parchment paper or a siliconebaking mat Oh a flamer I found thisrecipe on Pinterest by Emily from onelovely life so there’s Muffy is creditedtowards her first you like to line yourbaking sheet with either partial paperor so they’ll come out I prefer usingthe silicone mat then you want to mixtogether your peanut butter maple syrupor half a cup of peanut butter 1/2 a cupof maple syrup 3 tablespoons of coconutoil and 3 tablespoons of cocoa powderinto your medium-sized saucepan let thatmelt over low heat and should only takea couple minutes for it to melt and mixall together then you want to bring theheat up medium heat let that boil for acouple minutes stirring it constantlydon’t let it burn just for that reason Ialready prepared the mixture here andjust for the just for the sake of timeand so I didn’t burn the mixture alreadyprepared it then you want to add in yourvanilla and your salt so it’s 1 and ahalf teaspoons of vanilla andor teaspoon of salt I also already didthat and added it to this mixture herenow all you want to do is add in yourrolled oats so I’m going to do that andthen stir it all together to combine allof these so the mixture the stove topmixture and those doing some researchonline I found that some times ofcountry peanut Country peanut butter canmake your mixture a little dry so that’swhy I like to use creamy peanut butterjust to avoid that but if you do likecrunchy peanut butter go ahead and goahead and use crunchy okay so I have themixture combined pretty well here andthen I’m going to use your scoopingutensil and scoop out either tablespoonsize ice cream scoop size whatever yourheart desires if you want to fill theentire mat with one giant cookie go forit I’m just going to follow the recipeuse a littleokay so once you line your entire sheetwith the untuk with all of the mixtureyou’re going to put it into the fridgefor an hour or if you want you can chilla little bit faster in the freezer ifyou are impatient so overall this is howto make vegan no bake cookies that areperfect for any occasionthey are delicious and amazing so hopeyou guys try it outthanks for watching

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