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Sophia and Zoe making cookies 😊

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

okay now put in the tray Zoey do youwant to make something else we have alot of Christmas trees big enough yetsolely here let me help youit’s stop but no it’s okay let’s not doit it’s too small for them okay no it’sokay so only a floweroh you don’t need any more[Music][Music]you see silly cookie dough no don’t doit it’s okay try to take it outhey you want to hand it to me and I’llput it on the train did you just takemineyes yeah fun Zoe yeah Joey no moreflowers no no no no not on the flooryeah chipmunk chipmunk okay me pleaseI mean to bail wish on your favoritetrained stalker buddy she loves the treeI made some killer good job be so yummyit’s not time yetwhat you’re making stop meI mean enough good job Zoe[Music][Music][Music][Music]okay and see your facesee you

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