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Soft and Chewy Sugar Cookies || Healthy vs Unhealthy Series

Hi everyone, we are continuing the healthy vs unhealthy series with the more traditional version of sugar cookies (drop cookie version!). Let me know what other healthy vs. unhealthy video ideas you may have!

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Sugar Cookie Protein Balls {Dairy, Gluten, Grain Free}

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Video Transcription

hi everyone my name is ELISA and this isthe fat foot test kitchen today we willbe making sugar cookies easy soft andchewy sugar cookies by Mel’s kitchencafeI think sugar cookies are amazing forValentine’s Day and like you saw I madethe sugar cookie protein bites onWednesday and those were to die forunfortunately I ate all of them and Ithought I was going to make these thesame week and I made those but I didn’tbecause I ran out of time so I won’t beable to taste them back-to-back but Idefinitely remember what they taste likethey’re going to be hard to beat but Ido know sugar cookies are delicious andthese are super simple to make so I’mexcited to try them for me sugar cookiesdefinitely seem like a Valentine’s Daytreat because historically my grandmawould make heart-shaped sugar cookiesevery year for all of the families allof her kids and grandkids and I lovethose cookies she would even send themto me in college and I would freeze themand eat them a couple out of time andthey were always in a white and pink orred heart-shaped tin and I absolutelyloved them so I was going to make thosecookies for Valentine’s Day this yearbut with my move and everything’s kindof running out of time and I don’tnecessarily have the right equipmentunpacked we are going to make an easierversion of the sugar cookies and thenmaybe next year for Valentine’s Day Ican even have my grandma honor my videowith me and we can make the sugarcookies together so this year we’regoing simple with sugar cookies nextyear hopefully we can do a little bettermake a little more creative of sugarcookies so for today’s recipe you arefirst going to see some non-traditionalequipment today like you’ve known andseen in several of my other videos weare in the process of moving so thingsgot packed my husbandlovingly packed a lot of stuff notrealizing that I was trying to finish upmy baking my pre baking this weekend sowe’re getting creative with what stuffis out but we’re gonna make it work thisjust proves that you can really bakewith a lot of smaller amounts of toolsyou don’t even have to have a KitchenAidor Sdn mixer we can use a hand beaterfor this as well so you really can makethese on with a small amount ofequipment and it’ll still work just fineso like I mentioned this is from Ella’skitchen cafe not sure if I mentionedthat before everything will be linked inthe description box and if you are newhere hi my name is Alyssa thanks forstopping by don’t forget to hit thatsubscribe button I just did aValentine’s Day collab with a lot ofdifferent bakers I will make sure I putthat in the cards here and if you arehere from that and if you found mychannel through that I think’s forstopping by welcome I hope you enjoy itand if you haven’t seen that video stopby that and just watch everyone else’sas well I think that should be alreadyup if I’m remembering my schedulecorrectly it might have been upyesterday so the ingredients that youwill need for this recipe is butter andsugar I already have them in my mixerjust so I wouldn’t have to have extrabowls or measuring utensils out sothey’re already in my mixer ready to goan egg vanilla flour baking powderbaking soda and saltan additional sugar or sprinkles forrolling if you would have seen my videoyesterday I don’t have Valentine’s Daysprinkles out there packed away andready to go so I’m just going to usesugar for this rather than trying tofind extra sprinkles or any more so asyou can see also I’ve already got all ofmy dry ingredients whisked in this coverwhere this is the biggest bowl we havebesides my mixing bowl here so this iswhat we’re using we’re making it workit’s gonna happen so you are going toheat your oven to 350 degrees and thenline your cookie sheets with parchmentpaper andwe grease it I have foil as you’ve seenin all my other videos because I’m outof parchment paper I promisecome February / March these videos willbe much more organized I promise andlove a much better setup the lightingwill be bettereverything should be a lot nicer withour new apartment just bear with me thenext like five to six videos becausesome of them are being pre thumped sothis is a long enough intro let’s get tothe baking so we are going to cream thebutter and sugar together until it’slight and fluffy she says it’ll be about3 to 4 minutes so let’s get started allright so this looks nice and light andfluffy also if you’re shaking a littlebit it’s because you’re on a tripod onmy island with me my new setup is notgoing to have that much shaking so mynew setup will be better I promise and Idon’t always have this many disclaimersbut I know I have a lot of new peoplehere so I want to make sure you knowthat this isn’t normal and we will getback to normal soon so this is nice andlight and fluffy as you can see so nowwe are going to add the egg and thebutter and then we are going to mixuntil it’s light it whitens in color sothat she says about 1 to 2 minutesall right so I think we’re getting thereas always make sure you scrape down thesides as needed so that you’re makingsure everything gets mixed together soand as you saw I went and found myshield that blocks it because the amountof flour and dry ingredients we’re aboutto add there’s no chance that it’s notgoing to make mess if I don’t put theshield on so now we are going to add allthe dry ingredients that were whiskedtogether to this mixture so then we aregoing to combine mix until combined soyou don’t want to mix it too much justuntil it’s combined so we are going toadd this in and then mix it all togetherall right so we have this all combinedand so now we are going to just scrapeoff the edges and make sure the rest ofthe flour is mixed in then we’ll beready to get it on the cookie sheets allright so this is all ready to go to beput on the cookie sheets she says to putthem a couple of inches apart just sothat if they spread they don’t run intoeach other so we are going to use abouttwo tablespoons I have an ice creamscoop why this is impact right now I’mnot really sure but um we’re gonna getthese scooped out and then we’ll rollthem in some sugar and then we will putthem in the oven for eleven to thirteenminutes until they are slightly cracklyon the top and not much color around theedges to help make sure that they aregooey inside or nice and chewy so I willget that started get these on the cookiesheets and then they’ll be back whenthey get out of the oven stick aroundalright so the cookies are out of theoven and ready to taste as you can seeI’m just going off the counter they’reclean I promise I’m about to not haveany more but this counter in thebackground so I figured might as welljust use that instead of trying to getcreative with plates with sugar cookiesputting them on awake plates wouldn’treally work and we don’t have tons offabric around here to be taking picturesin the backdrop so let’s get startedclearly I have already taken a bitethrough the picture so these aredelicious cookiesthey are very soft there’s a little bitof a crust on the outside which Iactually really really like these arereally really tasty sugar cookies Ireally like them um obviously I’m gonnasee they’re not as good as someone so mygrandma makes but these are super tastyI definitely recommend you try these outand if you haven’t seen my sugar cookiehealthy protein bites don’t forget tostop by that video and all of my otherhealthy versus unhealthy videos um theplaylist will be linked below let meknow if you try these out and make themfor someone for a Valentine’s Day andsend me a picture as always don’t forgetto hit that subscribe button in thenotification they’ll see you know whenmy next video is up and as always I amalmost done with all of this movie andstuff so there soon enough we will havesome normalcy in my uploads and myvideos in the background and everythingin betweenso don’t forget to subscribe like I’vesaid below go to my Instagram andwherever you are I hope you have a nicenight afternoon or morning thanks forstopping bybye

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