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Short Video:Making Cookies 🍪

Hope you enjoy the cookies were sooooo good.
If you guys love Brawl Stars here is a channel

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

and today waittoday we’re gonna make cookies for forSanta we’re gonna make them not buy themand I hope you guys enjoy the videobecause she’s gonna make them guys wemight make we’re gonna make um yeah it’slike we’re not cheapwe’re not cheap like Lauren I keeprolling we have over walk to 7-elevenwell if you guys wanna want us to vlogour next experience to go to 7-eleventhey tap the like button to subscribe[Music][Music]because guys we’re gonna see you when westart yeah okay okay okay okay yeah yeahwe’re gonna try them a video okay ourdemos byeokay guys we have the final footage ofthe cookies and I’m gonna show them inthree two onebiscuit alright here are the cookiesthey are fired I know these are a littleburnt and these are not but I alreadytried both of themand if you guys like and subscribe rightnow then I’ll give you a free cookie noI won’t but you’ll get if you like asubscribe in the next five secondsyou’ll get good luck for the rest of thebird the next 20 years how about that Idon’t know about you guys but I want toget good luck with over the next 10years I’m like I’m in the video so hereare the cookies they they’re aren’t kindof burnt so yeah guys that’s the end ofthe video if you guys enjoyed tap thelike button tap the subscribe button andI’llsee you next time peace

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