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Quarantine Kitchen Sugar Rush Edition: How to bake snickerdoodle cookies

Hey guys! I’m Ian and I’m locked up in my house too!! Today I’m gonna walk you through baking some snickerdoodle cookies. Snickerdoodle cookies are sugar cookies that are rolled in a cinnamon sugar mixture and are my dad’s favorite cookies. I hope you enjoy the video don’t forget to hit like and subscribe.

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Video Transcription

alright what’s up guys and today we aregoing to be making snickerdoodle cookieswe have our mix we have our cinnamon andsugar mix which we were pouring the bowlwe have our butter we have an egg wealso are going to have a tablespoon ofwater cooking spray pans so uh let’s getstarted alright so our first ingredientis the butter so we’re gonna melt thisso here we go well that was easier thanI thought my jutsu finally worked sowe’re gonna pour this in here thenyou’re going to crack the egg okayNetwork kind ofI think none of the show garden it yeahgood job well that was nice for my firsttime cracking eggs so now I will do myjutsu for the teaspoon of water so whynot do this water jutsu wow thatactually worked even though I’m not ashinobi so let’s pour this innow let’s whisk it all togetherthis is satisfying in a wayI can see it’s turning pretty prettyhard not hard but you know what I meandoughyokay so now that we enrolled all of thatup we are now going to take our cinnamonand sugar mixture which we are going tomix I mean roll the cookie dough ballsin so we are going to pour that in nowokayokay so now that that’s all said anddone we are now going to take ourcoconut oil cooking spray we are goingto shake this up three times one twothree you’re going to take the lid offand we are going to sprayokay so now we are going okay so nowthat we have done our cooking spraything we are not going to take ourtablespoon and we are going to grab adough ball and we are going to roll itup stick it in here and then spline itright on there well place it there sowe’re good yeah trust me this is veryvery satisfying to roll very satisfyingit’s just like slime but softer okay sonow that we have rolled the ball and putit in we are going to shake it then weare going to flip from you said we’regonna grab it again cuz it kind ofmesses with the shape just a little bitokay then we’re going to stick it righthere okay so now that we have placed itthere we are going to make a cute littleX on it so we’re gonna go you guysprobably can’t see it but it looks kindacute I guessokay so now that we have that repeatthat process to your run of the doughand then they’ll be ready to go intolike this so now they are ready to beput in the oven for 8 to 11 minutes sowe are going to stick them in nowokay now I’m going to set my timer foreight minutes so now it is in there foreight minutesmm-hm now we wait I do not you do notwant to check on your cookies midwaythrough their baking process because youwill release the hot air that’s in thereand they won’t cook as evenly if youwant to check on themtry the light on your stove on and youcan look okay so now that our timer isdone it is time that we take these outand stick them on the cutting board okaybe very careful do not let kids use itand they have to be supervised by anadult so here we go but also be cautiousthat you don’t touch the ovenbecause that hurts mom speaks fromokay so now we’re going to taste testall of these cookies so we don’t want tostick them on late like this it’s notvery very difficult but they are likejust the slightest movement and they’lltry to slip off but I mean it’s good sofarthese cookies are looking amazing[Music]so that looks perfect so now it is timefor the taste testfeels smooth flaky and chewy I thinkthey’re amazingdefinitely very good well that was itfor today’s cooking so bye-bye

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