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Pumpkin Butter Cookies 🍪 How To Make

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150g brown sugar
100g white sugar
500g flour
200g butter
250-300g pumpkin purée
Pumpkin seasoning 1/2 teaspoon
Baking powder 16g
Baking soda 1 teaspoon

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Video Transcription

everyone I welcome back to my channel inthis video I’m going to be showing how Iget this pumpkin cookies is an easyrecipe so these are the ingredients I’mgoing to be using two different sugarbrown and white sheet a sugar I havethat pumpkin spice in there egg bakingpowder some flow butter and baking sodaplease check the description below forall the ingredients I use okay so nowlet’s proceedso the first I’m going I’m going to putit she got into my bowl and Bota so I’mgoing to cream this on to the halffluffy so go ahead make sure you’reusing room temperature butter to do thisokay so I’m going to be adding my eggtwo egg into the sugar and butter thenI’m going to whisk everything likeeverything on so they are fluffy so nowthe combination is well combined now I’mgoing to be adding my pumpkin this isbig pumpkin you can get you on thecommercial one or you can make them athome by yourself okay so I’m going tocontinue creaming this until everythinglike all the ingredients combinedtogetherso here the ingredients are wellcombined I’m adding them into the flowbecause the bow I was using was not bigenough to contain all the butter so nowI’m going to cream everything onto thefloor and the butter egg sugar butterare well combined here I’m trying to usemy spatula to make sure that they arewell combined just go ahead and mix itmore you can use a hand mixer like I’musing here or you can use a stand mixerto do this so guys our cookie batter isready now it’s time to pipe them into mybaking sheets so I’ve already preheatedmy oven at 180 degrees guys so now I’musing this ice creamscoop to scoop the the butter into mybaking sheet you can use tablespoon ifyou don’t have this one tablespoon goesa long way okay so I’m going to go aheadto do that now then I will bring youback so guys this is optional okay I’mjust adding a sugar gretna the sugar ontop of each of the cookie but this isoptional okay you don’t have to add itif you don’t want but it actually giveit that a unique taste I can say okay soif you want you can give it a try so nowI’m going to pump that into the oven andallow them to bake for 15 to 20 minutesand here the cookies are ready a secondseed under the cookies see how muchcrunchy they are this is so softand I used this cookie this is ourcookie to make to make a pumpkincheesecake so wait for that recipe okayso now I’m just adding them onto my intomy tray so guys I hope you enjoyedwatching this video check descriptionbox below for the ingredient thank youguys for watching and I will see you inmy next videogod bless you Oh bye

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