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Og message cookies make you preach

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Video Transcription

well I’m telling you that’s nicethis is the last time anything last timeI want to be eaten no cookies thiscookie is good it’s good me I wish I hadsome milkso watch these cookies down but I don’t[Music]see well well well this cookie that Igot in my hand I’m about to eat yeahyeah if you got your cookies sure sureand eat the cookie that’s in Johanna Ohsee see see see I was trying to go thereI was not trying to go there but thiscookie is one of those cookies that makeyou start appreciating and teach but allI can say about these cookie is that thecookie is a wonderful thingit’s it is a snack that we sometimestake for granted it’s like when usingannouncer and then they’ll say eat andthe cookie it’s the only thing that youcan snack on and it makes you turn it toanother whole person as you can see whenI was about to eat this cookie its hermeaning to a preacher and I I’m a Sanghabut I ain’t no preacher but I love somegood preacher but just cooking herealways gets me going they’re gonna makeme to cook it I start preaching againbut I gonna do them all I know I’m justgoing as writers cookie Wow okay I’llwrite this up

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