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No bake cookies with hemp hearts and no sugar added

Today I’ll be making no-bake cookies, mmmmm! And instead of oatmeal, we’ll use hemp hearts and, as always, there will be no added sugar!

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Video Transcription

Wow folks welcome to cooking withclothes Oh have fun today folks you knowor maybe deep work no big cookies that’sright don’t be cookies with no sugarready and we’re not even gonna use it okso let’s see here all rightno big cookies are relatively simple youdon’t need a whole ton of stuff for itso my ingredients out of place mostlythey’re just gonna be butter chocolatepeanut butter and sweetener so andinstead of you see oatmeal and ourcookies as is tradition we are going touse hand parts oh that’s right nuttyflavor joy so let’s see you here hitparts yeah lots of protein – and goodvitamins these are excellent stuff Itell you why so we have all that we haveall our ingredients let’s get startedfirst thing we’re going to need is threetablespoons of butter meltedit’s a butter knife isn’t quite sharpenough to have all the same kind of funwith it that you can have with the realbody but they have their uses okay let’ssee herethree tablespoons all right we gotmeasurements on the side of our buttersticks here so we’re just gonna cut herewe go a knife always helps we stubbornthis cuz I never use sugar sugar for youI always use a combination of steviaerythritol and my crew one of these dayswe’ll try alia models as well but Ihaven’t done that one as well allnatural all zero calorie good stop thisis one of the favorites of it in thebasement so we want three tablespoons ofbutterno you can’t see it to my fridgeyou wouldn’t like what you see you Maryand I always go for a good normalnatural peanut butter you know what’s inthis peanuts salt and just leave it palmoil to help solidify it so you don’thave to stir it of course you can getthe peanut butter that needs to bestirred as well that’s fine nothingwrong with it but don’t get the peanutbutter that has a bunch of sugar addedto it why why do you need to add sugarin a peanut butter it’s totallyunnecessary sure everything it’sridiculous measuring peanut butter isn’texactly easy you know it’s very stickyreally likes to stick things but fact iscalorie dense having 9 calories per gramas opposed to protein and carbohydratehas 4 calories per gram otherwisedelicious and wonderful all right guesswe’ll just go for best estimate here Idon’t want to have to scrape it out ofthe measuring cupwe go good no bake cookies no sugaradded you can’t beat that in thebasementOh mix the butterokay that’s looking good looking prettyhomogeneous so I hope the peanut butterbe a little bit sticky now we got thepeanut butter mixed now we need twotablespoons Oh cocoa of course you wantchocolate peanut butter no baked cookiesokay[Music]we don’t need to scratch right here Imean it’s fixing but of course you getsome of the powder up on the sides youreally just want to get it all pushedtogether just get that down did that mixdown in there[Music]already goodjust strafe it a little more about thiscocoa can be stubborn doesn’t alwayswant to mix very well so we just want tobe sure get down in there best we canbut anyway now sweetener this recipewants a little funky on how muchsweetener powdered cocoa we haveconcentrated monk fruit this stuff issuper concentrated says that 1 teaspoonequals 3 cups of sugar that’s a lot youknowSuperDuper sweet powder concentratedmonk from Bach resideswe are liquid stevia and regular sugarso you see I’m gonna estimate we’regonna need we see the peanut butter isalready a bit sweet the cocoa definitelyneed some sweeping parts they’re notsweet but they’re still good I mean youcan almost eat those straight out of thebag ah good is regular yellow it hearts[Music]except for the tears of cars there we goyeah one gets on this batter off of herewant this to be cookies not wash downthe drain when we clean it okay soand every throat all sweetener not toomuch erythritol can have a coolingeffect like meat it’s a little it’s alittle up a bikini cause bowel upset inthose who are sensitive to it or if youeat way too much of it so just becareful with your erythritol that’s allmake sure you can tolerate it before yougo using it we’re gonna use just acouple spritzes of stevia i’m sure ifthe concentrate of mom for it’s a goodidea here it’s such a fine powder i’mnot sure how well it’s gonna mix with athicker batter like this[Music]I need to scrape it powdered sweetthey’re clinging to the sides of theball always twins kind of like thechildren cling to the side of the otherbut they go in anyway let’s make sure italways gets really messy okay get thatdon’t scraped off the spatula for themost part[Music]better give it a secondyeah I tell ya you know hearts yourhearts the hearts of children are sodelicious course the younger the meatthe better which is why I often godumpster diving outside of a bar someclinics okay your test suite do we needmore or are we good a little more alittle larger dayhmm good could really taste that peanutbutter and a little more of our speakershere I think we’ve got enough erythritolnow I’m gonna spritz in a couple morespritz of our stevia now sometimes thisis junk all over my hands now sometimespeople complain that stevia has a nastyaftertaste for some people it does Ilove itmaybe I’m used to it or maybe I’m justnot sensitive to it but it does dependon the brand some brands are definitelybetter than othersI like this sweet leaf sweet drop stuffit’s a concentrated liquid two teaspoonsequals one cultureokay here we go so now we got our CVS inthe gameandI’d love to meremove ingredient our hearts oh theseare super delicious parts of courseshell hemp seeds I need to use theseinstead of oatmeal because they’re farmore nutritious now this there arepretty calorie does there’s quite a bitof fat of these so watch out for thatfat again like I said has been unfairlydemonized sugar is so much worse butlike I said before fat has nine caloriesper gram whereas protein andcarbohydrate have four calories per gramso fast now it is and you gotta watchout for that just be careful not to eattoo much which is kind of hard becausefat is very safe now probably one addabout one cup of these but I like toplay if I hear[Music]thankfully bulking it up a bit of courseeverything’s gonna clean to the sidesall rightI think we’re gonna be just a little bitmore not much plus my hip hurts keepthese in the fridge two big pots of oiloil can go rancid better to keep themcold[Music]we can lay them to help them sit gotroom in there with that all of the otherchoice cuts could use a spoon but that’sno fun oh that’s got a nice texturestill really sticky that’s okay I hopeyou sticky wants the cookie set hmm ohboy this is really sticky it’s almondpeanut butter time there’s plenty ofhemp parts in here oh goodnesswolf I expected the batter to be just anew bit thicker but that’s all rightthat’s all right it’s gonna be good oncethey said it won’t be as much of aproblem man these are loaded with hemphearts now the number of cookies it’sgoing to make it’s really gonna dependhow much better you make it how big youwant your cookies so there we goall rightusually take 5-10 minutes to run set inthe fridge freezer I’m sorry he lookslike I just had to manually be compactmyself should make more cookies in thisa little hard to scrape all this out ofa bowl really wants to cling to uswhat does substitute for oatmeal on himparts of course you could also useshredded coconut you feel like that andI do but the cookies I’m making them abit bit that is true and of course youcan increase the recipe to increase theamount now I’m wrong with that and theseare delicious sugar-free no be cookiesgoodness why are they sticky alrightthat’s about the best I’m gonna dobetter wash my hands but we could any onthe backs of my fingers do I just wantto make sure I get all this on theirbest they canthere we goalright alright alrightoh that’s awesomeokay so we have a whopping nine cookieslike I said I expected more but that’sokay so what do we want to do with thiswe could leave them out but they’regonna send so much quicker and better wejust pop em in the freezerthere we go so leave that in the freezerfive to ten minutes what do we do wewait[Music][Music][Music]cookies of sending in the freezer wetidied up what shall we do well Isuppose somebody you are wondering whydoes this clam like to bake with sugaror no meat without sugarwell sugars bad for you sugars reallybad for youI mean I’m gonna meet you there maybe insome fruit or some starchy veggies thatkind of thing okay whatever but let’sface it shifter gets put in everythingthese daysand it’s terrible it really is yes bitesyour insulin so your blood sugar spikesyour insulin spikes your blood sugardrops you’re hungry again and doing thatday after day after day is a great wayto wind up with metabolic syndromepre-diabetes or even type 2 diabetesit’s just bad for you that’s why if youwant the sweetness don’t use sugar thereare natural alternatives that are freegood they’re not exactly the same notgonna try and clamp what they are butbetween sugar sugar I’m sorrybetween stevia erythritol monk fruitalley loose like I said I’m tryna helosyet but I’ve heard good things you cangenerally find a good combination thatcan approximate it reasonably well Imade the pumpkin pie over Thanksgivingno sugar it was the US you know this isDave feasting pumpkin piethere was no sugar in this and it wasscrumptious you know because fiber helpsto slow the rate of absorption ofcarbohydrate in your intestines when youif you eat a lot of sugar withoutcarbohydrates boom just goes right inand spikes that blood sugar but if youeat carbohydrates with some naturalsubstantial fiberit will slow the rate that thecarbohydrate is absorbed so instead ofgetting the sweet hill which is muchbetter for you still has tons of sugarbut you know that’s why whole fruit isso much better than fruit juice I meanfruit juice is just fruit flavoredsugar-water you squeezed it out of thefruit it left all the good stuff behindscrew fruit juice it’s bad it’s reallyno better for you than soda other thanmaybe having a few vitamins I mean nojust no and so this terrible well I dodrink some sodait’s called cedia to stevia-sweetenedsoda with no calories really good Ienjoyed it the root pair especially isreally good he’s just like a couple ofminuteshere we gosuing for those cookies to set Ohso we just gotta wait a few minutes letthe cookie sip we can pump about and wecan try them so Oh logical doubt thisscares the out of you does itnothing yet don’t fall[Music]almost there almost there they arealmost set all right so let’s see ohgoodness I can move this out of the waynice and after you bet you’ve beencooking because you know sometimes getso dirty you think the circus camethrough here so let’s see here so let’sseeyou don’t think they’re quite set allthe way through you just another mythanywaygoodness gracious me well I should tellyou that I’m planning the stream againlater today that’s right you get atwofer today it’s extended or Pam orworth the weekend stinking clowns that’sright so what I’m going to do latertodaytune in folks I’m going to be cookingflour free bread oh that’s right breadwith no flour in it now that’s kind ofcrazy I’m sure you’re thinking so whatdo you have how do you make breadwithout flour well okay bread maybe morebread like not SuperDuper great not likerubric but very very bread like with noflour so obviously gluten free for thoseof you who have a sugar Clerk it’s goodgood for you so we’ll be doing thatlater today our Pam right here that’syour exactly when I can’t give you aprecise time these things are hard tocoordinate you know I got all the littlepebbles running around downstairsha no bake cookies Oh triangle I gottatry one you guys can’t be here totry it but I’m gonna do a little greasymaybe freeze my little look-alike forboy have you got a peanut butter thoughOPP is in the freezer for a little whiledo greasy you TCthose are good I tell you whatah those are delicious and for those ofyou tuning in guess what I gotta get tojail the past several broadcasts I havebeen filming with a second camera anduploading it to YouTube just welcomecooking with clowns and you will find meall the same broadcasts replayed so youcan try out the recipes to get yourselfhow about that find me out you do ahsubscribers yet because that reallyadvertised to get my own little channelURL clowns can’t miss it you’ll find ithuhso you see we got a little bit of time[Music]you can do to film time but uh you knowno uhno reason I should actually drag out infront of the cameras evidence stuff wecan have farts out of my teethI can tell you though hmm cookies kindof have the consistency of my stool sothere were no bones in the cookies we doa little time oh let’s see herechips drinks add device cookies out forthose of you just joining us in a bakingif you freeze them in the freezerinstead of put them in the oven no goodvery peanut butter mm-hmmso well that’s it anyway like I saidYouTube channel just search cooking withclowns that’s what the channel is calledyou’ll find it scroll just a little waydown the results can’t miss it I meanyou see my face well my face I mean thisoriginally was someone else’s face butit’s my face now imparts out deliciousyeah sugar free no baked cookies madewith hemp arts instead of oatmeal whatworried about hemp hearts though I don’tknow this was just a fluke or this isnormal for me and it’s gonna vary fromperson to person but I’ll tell you whatafter I ate a few of these the last timeI made them oh I had gas enough to fillup a Hindenburg and it smelled like thesulfurous pits of hell we’re leaking outof it I mean really they do a fair bitof sulfur and quite a bit of fiber inthem so you know just start out easyunless you’re looking there you knowpeel the paint off the wallsOh anyway no big cookies with ham partsand parts are really good you can makelike sort of close my oatmeal and partsare good for a lot of things oh reallydefinitely enjoy gotta find more thingsto integrate those into[Music]you know what this is kind of out of thetheme of the show but I thought I’d showit off a little bit anyway just cos I’vegot a little artwork in the pastconsider you know it’s December it’sChristmastime we show off a littlepainting of San I did a while back Icall it Christmas in written yet mm-hmmSanta decided to deliver presents todreads our sleep didn’t go so well forhim bidding rollie polie bastard mm-hmmnice oh this is my own little piece ofartwork just let me show it off wellwhite and self-promotion paint veryoften but I’m okay well there’s no bigcookies I tell you what there’s no bigcookies seem to uh no you don’t see myFrench you wouldn’t like what you see inthere anywayand besides I can said before it’s notexactly like I want to commit evidenceto video anyway so goodness these weredone faster than I thought there wouldbe got all this time and what am I gonnado thisPhilip I’m just trying to think ofsomething elseI got laying around it would beinteresting I mean this is our pan we’restraining and take it up time ohwhateverlet’s give someone else a chance for abroad class slop so as always folks[Applause]

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