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Video Transcription

sometimes you got a dollar to home pasteyou gotta do things your own wayit may not make sense other people thatis long and he makes this to you that’sall that mattersmore your time to live for it then ‘mfor you is it them or is it Jill thatyou want to be happy because if you’renot happy is no way you can be happywith other people there’s no way you canfeel some type of nve some type ofdisconnects and just comparison that’swhat you don’t want to do what you wantto do is do everything to make sureyou’re living your best life what doesthat consist of what does that look likefor you like seriously extra soapwho is this floor is for me or is thisfor everybody elsealso remember that everything is notabout you how are you started withothers we know what everybody to supportus to believe in us you know get us outof debt get us out of poverty and wejust keep on taking taking taking likeyou know what give me your tongue giveme your moneybut what do you give people ever turnare you making people feel happy are youmaking people laugh are you related topeople where they don’t feel alone likewhat are you doing you just wantsomebody to support to the dream just soso you can have a better life that’sselfishfigure out what you add into the worldand do thatwhat’s that family I’d see CJ here backwith another videowords I just wear it to some but toothers they mean something they meansomething to meand I’m expressing them becauseI worked to make somebody else feelbetterthat’s it cuz I just feel like everybodyso still some sort being consumed withtheir own life they’re all problems tosay I have problems too and I’m notalways I used to come in from experiencedon’t do this don’t be like me how Iused to be do that like the misery lovescompany and my life over the past thepast couple years was been going sogreat right so hope all people and I’dbe like I just kiss on the top or I geta job and I’m like huh I should takethis job I might the Queen I don’t haveno moneynobody loves me I’m lonely like I wasjust caught people and complain like Ihate living here I just don’t want tolive it just all this negative types ofstuff in oh my gosh I really appreciatethe people like bro I’m tired of hearingit I’m tired of every time you call meit’s always something negativeit’s always something going left it’snever something goodI didn’t realize that put it on whetherall of them responsibility on somebodyelse ears like that is mentally drainingwith only bathtub like sometimes none ofyou good ever since I’ve been working onmyself and I’m like great I cannotcomplain I don’t where I want to be hereyou know just seeing other people stillin a place where I wasit’s like wow I used to do that topeople in like I didn’t see I was soself-absorbed and I just felt like myproblem should be your problems that’snot the king

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