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Nicole makes cookies for Valentine’s Day

Nicole has a lot of fun doing one of her favorite things: Making cookies like grandma taught her. Her little brother Jesus is trying to help but he finally preferred go to play with his dad.

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi my name is Nicole and today we’regonna make cookies so I all myingredients and my mama’s gonna help me[Music]so let’s get started okay okay so we’regonna start putting the salt on thewindow okayso put it there that’s the salt and thisis all-purpose work so mix it a littlebit now you’re gonna put the butter inthe mixer arch I’ll be careful now we’regonna add the sugar[Music]Ohnow we’re gonna mix the sugar and thebutter we’re gonna try to mix it onslowly[Music]Oh[Music]now we’re going to make it for five moreminutesOh[Music]okay Nookay stop there let me mix this no Iwant to make I don’t wanna mix it[Music]many will look like dull I loved oh Ilove dull I love playing with dough so[Music]it’s already started[Music]when my autumn gets tired I need myother orangeI love making cookies I make you guesswhat my grandma sometimes okay all rightdough is ready now I am gonna put it ohand we’re gonna put it in your auracontainer[Music][Music]Doralee this is the fridge for us we’regonna put it half a take this up it wrapit around so it just came out a look welearn and we put some flour so it don’tget too thick but I’m gonna roll thisnow don’t run it too much I think that’sgood no a little bithey wait up the little rest restpicking up it came out and I never likeda fork so I’m gonna cut it this heartactuallyand really joy[Music]Shantanu you[Music]candalas it looks super cool so theycame back from the oven for 20 minutesnow I’m gonna greet them with that arereally you know[Music]now the biggest cookie in the wholeentire world[Music][Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music]

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