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Nick’s Keto Kitchen – Chocolate Coconut No Bake Cookies

A quick and simple snack that requires no baking and minimal effort but yielding amazing taste!
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Video Transcription

now that the holiday season is nearlyupon us it’s good to have something inyour arsenal that’s both very tasty andvery easy to do today I’m gonna show youhow to make a very simple no bakedcoconut chocolate cookie so this recipeis about as easy as they come when itcomes to keto cooking so we’re gonnastart with some coconut butter this Ithink along the lines of peanut butteror almond butter but from coconut it’sdelicious it has a great smell now youmight find similar recipes to this usingpeanut butter or almond butter I willtell you right now the flavor is notit’s not right at all so we’re gonnatake that we’re gonna take 4 tablespoonsof butter and we’re just gonna microwavethem until they’re melted now that wehave our butter and coconut butter meltit together well we’re just gonna takethe rest of our ingredients and Abinatom together so a little bit of liquidstevia just a quarter of a teaspoon verystrong powerful stuff you don’t need alot 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract 3/4cup of raw chopped pecans a cup ofunsweetened shredded coconut unsweetenedit is important they’re quarter cup ofcocoa powder also unsweetened take thatyou’re gonna mix it by hand okdefinitely not buying it and you mixthem togetherand really that’s it for this recipeit’s such a simple recipe we’re gonnamake sure it’s all really wellincorporated together we’re gonna get abaking sheet with a piece of parchmentand we’re gonna roll these out towhatever size cookies we want because wedon’t have baking time here it will justbe as it is so I’m gonna make a reallysmall smallish one there make a biggerone there for people I really like onething about this recipe is that it is alittle bit crumbly but it’s good alsobecause you’re using butter as a baseyou’re gonna have to keep itrefrigerated that shouldn’t be an issuethese things go quickly so form them towhatever shape you want right now theywill stay that way once again we’re notbaking these they’re not going to deformshape they’re not gonna rise anythingyou’re just gonna be as you make themand there you have it that’s all youneed to do for this recipe the onlything I would recommend doing poppingthis in the freezer for about 10 minutesto really let these setup storm in anairtight containerziplock bag or just give them to yourfriends who will eat them up right awayand you’re going to have to make more Ihope you like this recipe I hope it’squick and easyI hope it’s delicious if you have anyideas anything you want me to try or youknow just general feedback let me know Ihope you have a great holiday season andbeyond and like and subscribe thank youvery much

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