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Video Transcription

good morning everyone it is actuallyFridaythe third thing no you’re probably whatwell yesterday I thought it was right soI called being therapy and canceledtherapy for not even having therapy ohit was a full moon yesterday and allthat stuff so that’s what she it um so Ihad therapy today I was supposed to wakeup at 7:20 and I didn’t I woke up at 9 99 17 now I really wouldn’t I would havewoken up when my phone went off yes Idid but my ears are killing me I thoughtthey were better when I woke up but nowthat I’m walking around they hurt Iended up washing my hair in the tub butyesterday you could say to the bath thatcrazy sounds gross but my back hurt tooso that’s why I did it to relax but itdon’t work so I didn’t see pretty goodyesterday but I wanted to let jazz knewthat my stepmom got this to her but theonly thing is I’m only allowed to usethree apps on here because like Icouldn’t use two other ones over here onthis side but this mean is neckflixYouTube and Pedro I had to add on herebut youthis some player doesn’t allow you toadd anything new so it’s kind of sad butit’s alright anyway so I got Netflixyesterday but I just realized thatYouTube either they updated their theirapp are a just something new buthopefully it works when I press thebutton if not then you can’t see whatI’m trying to show you now the one thingthat stinks about this is it takesforever to load up anything so but I doenjoy my new TV yesterday I was playingaround with that yeah it didn’t workanyway so I was trying to show you waswhen you log in now it will show youwho’s watching like any other streamingdevice so I thought that was pretty coolbut I’m waiting for my what should Icall itAlvin to eat up because I’m making somename rolls forbreakfast this evening but I want to goahead and watch chef am and I probablyKeisha after this I’m not really intoVanessa anymore but I still have herjust in case something Pink’s myinterest and I have me because why notbut I really enjoy is this girl and thisgirl so I just want to show you guysthere my top to you and there’s a mainpeople that actually do flag might so Ido enjoy Britney but she has kids soit’s a little different thought you knowso I want to want watch Jess I am evenknow she has kids but anyway um goodmorning and hopefully your Friday 13this goodhi everyone guess what just happened notthat long ago I’ve got a new dresser setmy dad got it for me so let me show youwhat what it looks likelook at my beautiful Christmas tree Idid something wrong with the lightsit’s playing with it earlier so this isthe dresser it comes with the mirror butmy friend who bring it brung it here sheFarhat the mirror so who come later yeswith it and he’s gonna take this thingoff for some reason I don’t know whyit’s on there I’m gonna touch it up alittle bit maybe change the colors ofthe knobs but other than that it’sbeautiful and it goes pretty well withmy bedding and I’m gonna get a new watchmy palate t be seeing soon so that’swhat maybe I’ll make the these gray yeahthat look cute also this is the otherdresser I put on the side for now youmight stay here though yeah we just needa little touch-up here now but um I’mwaiting for this to dry because before Iput the stuff that was on here on hereand instead Booth’s looking nice andthank you I love ithey guys so me and Raiden what are wedoing they don’t yeah and she’s sneakingthe marshmallowsso we’re just copying the recipe fromthis that I got from Aldi’s so we’regonna make Marshman up hitmen won’t savemarshmallows we’re gonna make yeahchocolate chip and we’re gonna put someChristmas or holiday sprinkles in itrightand who’s gonna put the greeting it’s inthe bowl me okayso we’re gonna do that we’ll show youwhat it looks like when we’re done rightyou forget you how you fell out todayyeah my hair fell out cuz I don’t knowhow the ponytail in it so I want to takeit out cause it’s roughokay I’ll take it out

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