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Nana and me #42 making cookies

Baking and making crafts with the kids

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Video Transcription

I’m making cookies maybe put one egg inso you’re doing Emma’s gonna be making alot of these cookies we’re kind ofcookies are we making chicken excellentyes yeah so what do you are you mixingthe wet ingredients first yes in onebowl right yeah two eggs this is thesecond okay and you’re gonna mix up theeggs yeah what other wet ingredients isin there need butter okay hold on[Music]yeah you got your dry ingredients andyou’re gonna make sure which you’vemixed I’ve already the wet ingredientsright so you’re gonna put them in therethere we go but make sure they’re allstraight out of there but it’s so closeokay it’s gonna be fine once you mix itnow you’re gonna blend this together nowI Emma is mixing togetheryeah we’re gonna make sure you suck butthere’s very quiet that it gets off thesides right this thing comes back whydid you come back for a taste testyeah sneaky is it good it’s delicious[Music]we’re gonna make nutcrackers they’rereally cute I don’t know a little ofbottles yeah super cute you can put asecret message in we could do no that’swhat you wanted for Christmas can I tellthat because he doesn’t know he does ohno no no eyebrows Easton is doing suchan amazing joband when he’s following as thedirections my Nana said he’s wearingexcellentthen as father started saying excellenceis a talent or just said okay I’m gonnasay go but as I’m putting it inbecause the world is beautiful

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