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My Girlfriend taught me how to make cookies❤️

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Video Transcription

I’ll give you all here come here comehere come I’ll give you a hug though nohugs for you okay Mercy’s over Mercy’sbirthday by the way where she’s teachingme how to make cookies because yeah lastweek I know nothing about making cookieshappy birthday mercy and happy belatedbirthday yes I feel the heatI don’t like it Marilla[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]mercy is now generations[Applause][Music][Applause][Music]I haven’t been good if now we’re makingfrosting right we’re just dying wellit’s really you’re making frosting andI’m like doing what you tell me[Music]yeah oh wait a sec the 59 like in 59seconds[Music]we’re just making a cookie for me whatis it oh I love oh by the way for ninedays nine days till mercy nice six monthanniversary I started eating at ma I’vegot like five already and my stomach’sfeeling starting to feel it how manycookies if you had yeah a lot more thanyou probably because you’ve actuallybeen cooking alright mercy and I aregonna watch movie on my laptop I knoware you oh wait no I need to go toDisney Plus there we go you hugging mylegs for by the way I’ve been watchingthem in DeLorean lovely man Gloria okayI’m about to have dinnermercy left I cookies before I had dinnerI might have something I can cheesesummers too but thank you guys so muchfor watching this short video was shorthopefully short and sweet and you knowmercy was in a video for the first timein a while I will go back to like normalvlogs that like are good like five sixminutes where I cover my entire day justright now I’m a little busyI like making these shorts so I hope youguys enjoy them but be sure to hit thatlike button and subscribe if you haven’talready stamped it with channel have agreat day whenever you’re watching thisand I’ll see you guys in next[Music]

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