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mother & daughter make chocolate covered strawberries & sugar cookies *YUM*happy valentine’s day

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Video Transcription

[Music]welcome back to our Channel I’m mommyand today is Valentine’s Day coming downtimes so today we are going to be doingthat I’m gonna show them the cookieswe’re gonna begin some sugar cookies andwe’re gonna we got long-stemmedstrawberries push on the chocolate we’regonna dip them in chocolate mmm show mesprinkles and then we’re gonna dip themin sprinkles half sprinkles half justchocolate and then we got frosting andsprinkles for our sugar cookies so we’regonna have a little Valentine’s partytoday so we decided to make somedesserts so if you guys want to see howwe decorate them we are gonna bake themoff camera and then we will decoratethem on camera so if you guys want tosee that then keep onokay so dip it in the in the chocolatenumber halfway only yeah you can goahead and dip it in the sprinkles if youwant me whatever’s easier for you youdon’t think you don’t wanna use it soit’s okay if there’s chocolate in theretaste test how does it taste all rightgood okay remember we’re making them forlater we got to wait till the chocolateclose down so let’s not eat any moreokay that good yeah okay you eat thatone and then we’ll we’ll finish the restokay okay so this is how it’s lookingbeautiful we just gotta wait till theycool down I washed more strawberrieswe’re gonna do probably two more withsprinkles and then the rest justchocolate and there’s Mia she’s enjoyingher strawberry mmmhow’s it taste good Mia proofso after this we’re going to do oursugar cookies and decorate them rightbabe let me go take them out of the letme go check if they’re ready but I Iforgot to tell you guys I did mount thechocolate all you have to do is melt itfor like two and a half minutesand there’s our sprinkles we don’t havea lot left so we’re only gonna do abouttwo more no you gotta eat all thestrawberry yeah okay so I’m gonna gocheck on the cookies I’m gonna come backwhen it’s that strawberry conger toppingah yes so good okay so now man you cando when you see we have one two threefour five six we can do two moresprinkles I’m on the other sideand then you dip okay and then put itlet’s do one more dip it in chocolatefirst good job remember only half youguys look at how good these look oMG Ishould start selling these good forValentine’sthat one looks yummy okay so this is ourfinal I keep thinking I’m doing make upsomething final look so this is how theyturn out look at that oh I just love itoh and we didn’t want to tell you me soyummyokay so now we are going actuallyyeah let’s save these for just chocolateso we’re gonna put these away I’m gonnabring another plate for the straw I meanthe chocolate one so we’ll be right back[Music]okay so now chocolate so grab astrawberry and yeah just grab one andthis is how okay so you’re just gonna doyou’re right half it’s just hard doingit with one hand but I need you’re doingokay and then hold on wait it’s gonnadrip so we go to the side side and thenyou just put it down on the paper likethat okay go ahead actually let’s movethe chocolate this make sure all thesides have chocolateokay now you put it on the good job[Music]yummy make sure you spread them out sothey don’t get stuck together okay goodjob so what does everyone’s plans forValentine’s comment down below what youguys so comment down below but you guyshave planned or if you guys do any umany traditions with the kids I know it’snot like a big holiday but I loveValentine’s well I used to hate it butnow I love it because I have Mia andit’s fun to do like these little cutelittle activities with herI just love holidays and we got two moreso comment down below what you guys haveplanned or what you guys do with thekids or with your loved ones we justdecorated a little there are no flowershere we’re gonna have a partay we’regonna have a little Valentine I mightactually know what I might vlog that butI might do that in a separate videobecause YouTube only allows me to do 15minutes I don’t know why good job onemoreso I will be doing probably a vlog nextvideo something differentit’s another berry cookin you could puta lot of chocolate on that one sinceit’s the last one so we did let me seewe did two four six eight sprinkles wedid two four six not young chocolateslook amazing so did you like doing thatokay okay so now we’re gonna do cookiesso we’ll be right back okay so we had todo these off camera because I couldn’tdo it with the one I couldn’t hold Icould have recorded me I’m doing it withone hand because I had a whole doughcookie for her while she was spreadingthe frosting and it was kind of hard torecord but here[Music]remember I save some sprinkles withother cookies because we have morecookies coming out the oven move cookiesare so bomb I don’t mean to toot my ownhorn but to to maybe it don’t scratchwell we had a bag but still these arebomb you guys like it’s a perfecttexture it’s soft it’s a little crunchof a nut which cut crunchy not burntit’s like perfit’s so bomb you guys I wish you guyscan try this so now I’m thinking we’regonna make chocolate-covered bananassince we do have some chocolate leftover so we’ll be excuse me we need waterso get some waterwe’ll be right back that concludes thisvideo we hope you guys enjoyed watchingand I hope you guys can make them athome with your kids it’s so much fun youguys and it’s so fun watching them getexcited of course for sprinkleschocolate and candy and cookies but itis so fun and I love making my Mia happyso this was requested by her thestrawberries were weak rest requested byme um but this is so easy you guys andso fun and we hope you guys enjoyed thisvideoand happy Valentine’s Day and we hopeyou have the best date everand don’t forget to subscribe commentand like see you in our next[Music]

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