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Welcome to the Attic of Emily and Emily’s Attic and Today iam making sugar cookies and this was very fun to do and the vidio did stop on one part but it was at the very end so I took care anyway Hope you enjoy

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Video Transcription

in cookies but you don’t have any coffee[Music]welcome back to the accidentally andemmalin’s addict and today is anotherbiggie video and I’m going to be makingthese sugar cookies so yeah these aregluten free sugar cookies I am glutenintolerant so that’s why I’m makingpretty sure of your juice I only done abaking video I think it’s been likebring your mom okay let’s read theingredient we are going to need 1 largeegg and I don’t know how much betterthis is okay guys this stuff takes a lotof butter anyway let me go get the stuffokay we have the eggs and the butter andthe mix let me get a bowl 375done okay I preheated the oven next conNick combined mix with egg and softenedbutter beat with electric mixer untilstiff dough forms stiff dough uh okay wehave to melt the butterokay the butter is making a lot of noisefor some reason I don’t know why okaynow one hey we’re gonna mix 1 egg and Ithink all this mix that’s a little lotof mix okay we’re gonna mix the dough onbeside by the way I got this braceletokay I guess we’re gonna use this wholebag which is crazy but does it itdoesn’tnone of these ever say like how much ofthe mix combined this that’s all it saysokay that was awful okay we are going togo on and check on the butter umit’s bubbling a lot I’m gonna wait untilthat butter cools off cuz I do not wantto get burned so for now we’re justgonna wait I’m gonna get a spoon longmorning I’m just trying to stall becausethat butter is still melting and I amnot a patient person so I was gonna goahead and stir this upwhoops long waiting for the butter tomelt I wanted to do another big videocuz I haven’t done it in like fourmonths and the last one was a disasterum when I finally got the brownies downthey were like flat and wimpy so I’mhoping this one will turn out better andby the way are you super to add likemilk or anything to this cuz this seemsreally dry I mean I guess a butter thebutter will make a difference maybethat’s why there’s so much of it but Ifeel likemaybe we should add a little bit ofwater I don’t know though so I’ll justlet us see how it goes when we startkeeping the oven is done preheatingwhy’d it burn the butter somehow oh okayI think I might have burn the butter I’mjust trying to get it stirred up andmixed up so the bubbles it doesn’tsplatter on me or anything okay what doI do now I guess I should prep burn itfind out what I need to do ahead of timeso I don’t like get behind or somethingI don’t know okay let’s get the electricum electric mixer buddy I got the mixerready I’m gonna plug it in whichever isgood you do cuz the last time it waslike okay we’re safe it’s okay it’s nono no okay okay it’s finally time topour the butter in and it’s been sittingover there for a few minutes and I thinkit looks yucky okay I’m gonna get thatmixed together a little bit with just ahand whisk and then I’ll go to you lookfor uh the electric mixer because if theelectric mixer mixer comes over herethen it’s gonna fling everywhere and Idon’t want a hot butter spluttering allover me it’s actually at the heart andby the way this is absolutely not doinganything so I’m gonna go it was a spoon[Music][Music][Music]okay let me see what’s next roll doughinto one balls about one aroundwhat drop dough onto cookie sheet andlightly fat flatten with back of forkokay bake for about 10 or 13 minutesuntil edges just just turn golden brownand caution caution caution do notconsume the raw butter it only saysclocks for one time but you know whenyou say classroom you gotta say a fewtimes because it’s okay so we’re I’mgonna need I’m gonna need a cookie pongI remember one fell when I was gettingthat mix earlier it was the bowlremember that one okay I don’t know ifyou’re supposed to like spray this oranything a cookie sheet is that likesomething special or is this gonna lookokay my mom said we need cooking spraycoconuts / okay okay well you think youlike all the on the camera okay now it’stime to roll them into the balls the funpartokay see you’re just gonna get a littlebit on the spoon like thisI think okay you’re gonna get it andyou’re just gonna get it I don’t andyou’re going to shape it into a bowl ohmy friends are leaving me wait I gotokay um so just put but you know roll itinto a ball andon[Music][Applause][Music]and one I want to get a little cray-crayokay this is a little crazy so here Ihave food sugar bread sugar which ispretty much is like sprinkles so whatI’m gonna do is I’m gonna color withthese cookies and I’m gonna see how thisone turns out I want to do something alittle bit more funner so let’s do thatokay I just took one of the cookies andnow I’m gonna put some food coloring init I’m gonna do blue red like you knowum overcooksso let me put like three one oh that wasa lot oops okayso now I don’t know to stir it with Ijust stir with a spoon and then maybe goin there with my hands that would not bea good idea okay okay oh my hands[Music]okay yes with the back of the fork mountand sugar but that’s okay okay see 10 to30 minutes[Music]

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