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hi guys so today we’re going to bemaking some peanut butter cookies and itonly holds four ingredients to make itso the first thing we got to do is tomeasure the peanut butter and sugar intoa bowl so you get the peanut butterI don’t put 200 grams in the bowl sothat is 50[Music]ninety-three 200 glance don’t know aboutyou but to me that looks a bit too likeyeah time what’s next now at one 1/4teaspoon fine table salt and mix wellwith a Bordelaise wooden spoon okaywooden spoonwhat better sugar salt dope don’t youfire grandpa let me how much sugargenies add 1 to 4 teaspoon finer tablesaltno that’s the culture of a teaspoon thatis the tiny amount that’s how you gonnaget it to us don’t ever do it over thebowl for sit here let me go here we gomastic that’s half don’t put that in sogo get hot rid no no no Frank that’s toomuch go get rid of half of that spooninto the sink yeahthat’s fine don’t worry about the reston the floor fine just leave it at thatwhat’s mix on the reckless now we gottwo egg add the lot the larger and mixagain until the mixture forms I don’t Idon’t don’t don’t175 class ticket right what’s we do nownow give it a really good stirthis is how to make baby food yeah notreally my left your right hand this iconbecause my right pants are really tight[Music]okay only on the first one we got tobreak off cherry tomato side chunks ofdough and place well spaced apart on thetrains[Music]oh I’m so sticky oh that’s what bigthings are gonna be deliciousfive more to go and do them but the lastone my sisters and I doand is this a bigotlet’s count how many we got first onetwo three four five six seven eight nineten eleven twelve thirteen fourteenfifteen sixteen seventeen eighteennineteen okay let’s do 20 so my last onemovies I do okay come over here okay nowmy sister’s done on next bit press thecookies down with the back of a fork tosquash them a little we’ve done now thecookies can now be frozen for two monthsyeah for two months pick from frozenso my cookies already and I’m gonna tryI went to eat and then I’m then to trythem up herethis play frayed say one done is justfeel free to make your own peanut butterpeanut butter cookies it only has fouringredients I hope you enjoyed thisvideoso this guide and hit the like buttongoodbye

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