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Making mini cookies 🍪

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey I’ll be back together in anothervideo I’m very sorry I made a videoearlier in the beginning let me make itI mean just cookie I made the kidalready where the clip got deletedbesides a start oh I read everything soI already got mine20 pieces of clicking this idea I got 40you say come outside minute that’s greatcome last time we push each other’s afavorite thing last time but they saybreak the long three Gordon right place20 cookies set apart on fun Greece[Applause][Music]much nothing in barns in herenow only for too long oh he’s gonna begoing for me let me just take this withmethe cat was there[Music][Music]nothing[Laughter][Music]I still okay i sooo yeah should we do[Music][Music]okayI mean what videos to reduce you I wantto help me out[Music]no no should be like taillights to usthen are a little too early to us atleastI would try new channel what you meanshine bright okay but y’all with thecamera yeah I’ll be able to though youknow the phone was connected okayI watched em yeah it was like four hoursago and one day I was in reality afterthey finished the reality show there islike like they would like saddest tablewhere they’d be doing the challengespicier food they start see them soon nothey came back home yeah oh he had agreat car[Music]oh my goshpeople today mind oh shoot a ready Ithink then a ready oh I’m glad I camejust in timejust in time my cookies ready give itback to me no like five minutes it’ll bereadywhoa only the best cookie I think I’vemade whoa bond oh they’ll get sexy don’tbombjustice to them killing us we can makethe next song so I’m gonna take a pieceoff this theory it tastes as good or noprobably look good anti Scott I just gota small piece it’s very hottaste my piecevery hot we’re gonna play shop righthere[Music]somebody[Music]he’s both smarts hey heypretty goodOh[Applause][Music][Music]-[Music]because our kidsand what respect is thisover here I’ll call you let’s ignore theIntel CEO friend take one take one[Music]twentyokay I get one it good but you can getone for now I’ll make another twentyabout what I have that herevery goodit isI’m coming to see how hereso far to my psychebutmysolet’s see a different region make yourshiny[Music][Music]six left everybody got it to getsomething to eat therecountno one’s sure[Music][Music]so that’s the edited video I love yourbody

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