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Video Transcription

I forgot to make an intro so hey guys
it’s me Ron yet anyways for today’s
video I’m gonna be making mini cookies
with a friend so let’s get started
to start off I’m gonna grab a bowl and
add in some flour after you do that
you’re gonna want to take some half
melted butter and add it in with the
flour and I added like three parts of it
because I don’t have any exact
measurements next up I’m gonna be adding
a tiny bit of vanilla extract and then
I’m gonna be adding in some brown sugar
and you want to make sure you use brown
sugar because that is what makes cookie
dough the color that it is so next up
I’m just gonna add in a tiny pinch of
salt yes I said salt yeah after I add in
a tiny bit of salt I’m just going to add
in some milk and accidentally we added
in too much but we just had to mix it
all together and then add in more flour
and brown sugar
next up you’re gonna want to add in some
chocolate if you want to give it that
chocolate chip cookie dough type of
feeling so you’re just gonna mix those
in and when the dough starts forming
you’re gonna be able to tell because we
put like melted butter in it not
completely melted but half melted so it
won’t stick to the bowl as much now I am
just going to take the texture I have
and freeze it after freezing it it
should be a little more solid so like if
you look closely you can see that it’s
not like a complete dough it’s my chunky
type or stuff something like that but
like you kind of want that but now
you’re gonna want to make it in two
little balls flatten them on a piece on
a full tray and then bake it so after
baking them you can’t clearly see it but
if you look closely you’ll be able to
see that they’ve been baked so now it’s
time for the real part which is doing
the taste test so me and my friend are
gonna try these and see what they taste
like like are they gonna taste like a
real cookie or just weird because that
cookie dough recipe I used is actually a
real recipe so let’s hope this turns out
oh my god okay so the audio isn’t in
right now but basically it tasted
actually really realistic and tasted
kind of more like a sugar cookie because
there was like less chocalate in it but
it still tasted amazing

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