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Making cookies with siblings(Not asmr)part 1

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]yeah it’s a flower yeah this video isgonna be loud yeah it’s just Margit Idon’t know what are you doingwho’s boarding this melon who’s behindthe camera yeahsee very cool video is perfect it’sreally one more watching economy can Igo outside[Music]how do I can get it off right it’sliterally not going in because you haveto use your fingers away too much eitherHey 2 cups 2 cups hey ready Oh warningear rape Ohstatus[Music]my Makerplease yeah boy it’s your boy that’s notappropriateokay wait all right is that all the lookgood stuff wait do it in a differentthingy yeah let me try to crack it don’tdo that don’t take it easy egg you freeyayand 2 for you ok crack them into thebowl okay now slowlynow I take it just one warning your rapebut eloquent my best night yesfaster all the butters mixed in hereyeah that’s okay but I’m worried whatI’m worried about is butter chunksbecause all the butter chunks in that’sme[Music]we need a slowly added weight tangoa little better timeOhyou can take a spoon out of the join usdoing Ohbusting he[Music][Music][Music]Oh dusty Julian’s gonna be loud

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