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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]so right now we’ve gonna cook so umwe’re gonna cook some cookies and of itand yeah it’s like it took me a whilejust just to say that but yes I’ll withit cooks up straight up this lightsorry you guys this baby is bright Ohlike for real like stop so but anywayI’m just better hope the camera allright so my gosh I would have to give itso you know what I’m just okay thank youso we’re gonna get some cookies so whatwe should do is what is the cookies yeahI can’t even find out cookiey’all put him on what it could cuz shehad two out that she had a cookie so[Music]whatI hope she doesn’t cook it so yeah mommymommy mommy mine we put those cookies upthose cookies what no where I will neverlook up I already found them so next soif you have a soap cookie would be goahead go to the store look at yourselfcookies sure yeahy’all gonna do all I Christmas yeah myhands too[Music]so what you can do for your goddamn istry itmmm I got good no I got rolled up if yougot that you’ve got this car go uppleaseand I think make a big cookie to pull itupyeah leave some spaces there between soyeah likes all of these bunched up butif you want to make it like that youcan’t but I’m gonna I wanna say Iwouldn’t do so if you make my bunched uplike if you want a whole bunch andyou’re gonna make it bunch of stuff youwanna make a whole watch you collide youget a spatula you’re cutting like youjust rolled it up yeah I got a lottaedited to do but I can also should behappy orI might get 5okaywhy should a preheat upyeah cuz if he if we like cut a hot hereand she put the stove work but she putin a pot of water so like this thingcould go around the house so yeah yeahI’m out of itokay[Music]okay so so yeah it’s cooking right nowso I’ll finish oh you bake start so yeahI’m gonna do back to Yahweh’s WillisDoug what a cookie is that and I’m gonnasee if they go be like ready but I’mjust a little bit[Music][Music]alright cuz I just chocolate-chip cookie[Music][Music][Music]but I’m going to dark it’s still lighty’all just the Christmas and like yeahso it’s like some pajamas I’m gonna wearthe pajamas on the day but so it’s abaggy here if something else it so itwas a justice bag that kami and she wasshe was trying to show me so I wasacting like I did see bad seed a lot alittle bit you gotta get up on himah I got it I could put it in a bud andI could put it in the bud I got my edgesback I got my edges bed my mom just toldme to check out the cookies a littleturn right but they are kindest order -[Music]yeahwait Jim up and then up in the tank thecookie got the oven it didokay yeah see another dayokayyeahhow okayOhsorryso it could be a little bit morebecause that thing is not goodsometimes they all fight thank youThanks this is goodbye[Music]well it is far looking there for like achocolate chip so yeah how come it’sgetting coldoh all right yeah so[Music]they’re soft enough for me right nowwhat I’m gonna do is move a backwardsOhoh yeah I want four hmmm right good allthe chocolate chips were on the backit’s not about me you don’t know[Music]but you guysno stop stopI’m gonna call me but well but yeah Icome in subscribeit’s a not my stuff hate to me put looklike a shock so I’m so good to my jobanother beggar you guys okay

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