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Making cookies with big bro and big bro’s girlfriend

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Video Transcription

but dynamize today we are making cookieshere they are two gigantic cookies puton very post jazzy Pharisees you dorealize a dime back together it’s my bigbrother and then my brother’s girlfriendtell you I don’t know who might andright now we fight in this cookie just alittle then flatten this one just alittle doom spice so ever they don’tstick together I mean they will but justtry and you better go before video allthat okay my now well we won’t do hereis just shut down don’t don’t just lookgood well it better not because I’m notdone and where’s my big bro that’s sothat’s what my dogs Cocohe’s a Monday but she’s Amazon a toastmy dog Simon’s at my grandma’s housenow this video I will be I wantFrodo bonds in whatever his name is he’smy friendto watch this video okay back down thesecookies[Music]you know what let’s just make hey let’sjust make a cookie can I do okayreally you want to go on idea all rightsay oh if you want to do a cupcake youwant to do this cake no okay what do youwant to do cuz uh I got two giganticcookies in there Oh pop oh crap I wouldhave scraped it off my tonguebut whatever oh you have to cook themfor like 11 or 18 minutes okay mines souh what’s gonna happen what’s gonnahappen here is we have the giganticcookies in the oven so they’re gonna getdone cooking I’m gonna make a part tothis and here’s my big brother when dothose signs see you next one which beenabout five minutes

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