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Video Transcription

[Music]today was Sunday we got pancakesyesterday cuz she’s too lazy to know wewere planning on cereal for today butthis worksbouncy bouncy bouncy yeah one aroundmaking some Christmas cookies anddancing when you go do some last-minuteChristmas shopping I believe homemadecookies homie both scratch from Scoutsyou mean from packs that’s right yeahit’s realeach time you never know bro some peoplechildren close it timer in a minuteusually take longer but fulfilling theyprefer living 12 yeah we put it fortrouble we check in lemon very easyoh good help yourselvesis he happier he he little crickety heycookieI’m a nose in love take my sprinkleslike they’re so took my sprinkles youcould believe thatoh you make it pick somewhere – OHusing a reference guide yeah Pinterestturn off your Pinterest now that’scheating it just is teaching it’s cheapthis Pinterest cheating I think it isthat one’s cool thank youwhich one like glitter inside thefrosting well yeah yeah I smeared itwith the glitter on there across wouldAllen’s pink if it a pink in it rightgonna finish making these cookiesDumbo you ever seen mark[Music]you[Music]

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