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Making cookies part 1

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Video Transcription

hi guys it’s Alexis Nikki’s getting thepan ready but we are making cookies Ijust did the house tour like a minuteago but I hope you enjoyed that but ifyou’re new to the channel pleasesubscribe if your if you want to be apart of the NA family um we post everysecond weekend we will try to post likeevery day on the weekend it’s not everyweekend but um like Friday Saturday andSunday on the second weekend but if wedon’t then yeah but we are going to bemaking cookies strawberry cookies andit’s my favorite brand for the cookiesare you ready okay so here’s the panthat’s ready oh wait no I don’t want meoh yeah that’s good enough yeah spraythe hook sheet spray more hold it fishthere you go that’s good okay open thepackage yeah and I have a little cookieyeah yep they work out to be big summitreally big spaces in between just twoinches apart this is about two inches soI would say like foot one there yeahyeah we could probably fit four up hereFreddie get off the tablenot right nowdon’t lick it and then put that it backon the things we’re gonna eat and prettysure this raw egg in there[Applause][Music][Music]we’re just going to wait for the lightto turn off and then we’ll put it income back for part two

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