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Making cookies Nov 2019

Making cookies Nov 2019

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Video Transcription

and action today is November 23rd evermet and we’re making chocolate chipcookies and and look at my speakersthey’re so gross and slimyso this is our video we’re just I’m justmixing my fingers with the powders andall of and what are some of theingredients we put in there do youremember yeah what do you remember flouryeahbaking soda yeah brown sugar can I cantell because of the brown we put butter[Music]you put any eggs yeah we put two Ipractice and it came out a little slimybut it came out good and it looked likepeanut butter with sticky stuff yeah didyou put in any vanilla tooyeah we put them even illah after thebrown sugar and what kind of cookies arewe making chocolate yeah and whyare we making chocolate chip cookiesKevin’s for makes Kevin fur doesn’t umfor for for my school yeah for dessertday at school yeahoh yay good good alright you’re doing agreat job Emily I’m gonna take a breakso we can finish mixing that up andwe’ll add the chocolate chips and areyou gonna make one special cookie

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