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making cookies for my dog

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Video Transcription

is lit just take a look at the truth higuys and welcome to my channel my nameis Lisa and today I want to make somecookies for my lovely daughter her nameis Alba and I actually never madecookies for her so this is going to be afirst time I really hope she likes thembecause she’s extremely picky recently Ifound his bone shaped cookie cutter andI thought oh my god I really need tomake some cookies for a dark because youknow she deserves itI mean she’s not really listening toanything anyone assess her but I meanshe’s still great and amazing and I loveher to death and you know Christmas isright around the corner in a few daysand I thought this is the perfectopportunity to make some cookies for herI don’t really know what I’m doing we’llsee how it turns out my stuffed animalis literally is so cute it has aChristmas hat on it’s like reallydamaged but she has it one year know sheloves it I’m in the kitchen right nowand I can’t really figure out a good wayto fill this dad so I have to bend downlube it I looked up a few dark cookierecipes online and I’m just going to mixsome stuff together and hope it’s goingto turn out all right of course I’mgoing to use ingredients dead ducks andactually eat it the first ingredient I’mgoing to use is some flour I’m going toput the recipe in the description belowI’m using like the whole grain flour ifthat’s the right word is to help youroption to normal Lutheran wow I’m reallygood at talking today I don’t actuallyknow how many cookies are making butwe’ll see if I’m just going for it[Applause]next I’m going to put some oatmeal in it[Music]now I’m taking a red banana and I’mgoing to mash it up and mix it under theother ingredients I’m using this insteadof cheese from the recipe because Ithought what else is sticky and soft youknow but it’s a banana a few momentslaternow I’m using two tablespoons of oliveoil any 3 tablespoons of water this iswhat we have right now I’m going to mixeverything up with my because you knowwho has time for other stuff I reallydon’t know how I’m going to be able toroll this out but we’ll see you for thisrecipe you actually need something fullsauce but I don’t have to come home okayso I think I really have to put insomething else in here because this istoo dry working I used a little waterokay we actually have a dough now whichis really good so I’m going to preheatthe oven and I’ll be back I’m a littleconcerned with this consistency becauseit’s a little too wet I think it is toomuch water so I think I’m going to putin a little bit more oatmeal and thenI’ll try to roll it out okay so theconsistency now is actually really goodat rolling moment the dough is extremelysticky let’s see youokay I really hope she eats them wellI’m really surprised to this goingreally good okay I already have two soI’m going to do the rest and now I’ll bebacketernity later I’m done this is whylooks like I’m going to put them in theoven now for about 20 minutes to recipesays 30 but I ditched so manyingredients and changed him so much andI think I’ll check them out in 20minutes I actually still have a lot ofdough left I could do the exact sameamount again but I’m going to put therest of the dough in the fridge becauseI wanted to check out if my dog is goingto eat them before making so many andalmost ruined him I’ll just put them inthe oven before anything bad happens[Music]don’t forget to give this video a thumbsup if you liked it and subscribe to mychannel for more videos weekly it’s litjust take a look at the trip you Buzzleget fired in this little dopey I’m highas a bitch wait

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