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Making cookies 🍪🍪 with my mom!

Welcome back unicorn lovers! I missed u guys so much! The reason why I have not been filming lately is because I have school, I was sick, tiktok so yeah. This will have two more parts to the vid so stay tuned! BTW look at my mom in the backround LOL😆! Subscirbe and comment for more content also follow me on tiktok, by izzy_mustang4life.250. Subscribe to these other channels
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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

some numbers work that is it you’ve goneso we are gonna be making cookies fromtall house this is not sponsored andwe’re gonna bring it we free here thisoven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and it’sgot our little cookies it’s not an evena rag but I’m sure we can make itthey’re like super duper small cookiesonce you bake them so we’re gonna splitthis until um three parts this is thefirst one the second one is coming outthe cookies from the oven the next oneis when we’re going to finish us I’mgonna add in the oven okay Stella yeahwe’ll see you guys in a bitone so we’re gonna put this in the oven

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