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Making cookies!🍪🍪🍪

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Video Transcription

let’s put cookie for their backup backupSabrina jinkieswait it out wait you gotta close bars noyou put in the cookies oh no they gotchocolate chip cookie over I don’t wantto cut in the vine so I’m just want todo this but I got chocolate chip pick iton it over there you could not putammonia I’m cutting you back oh no mom Ican’t get those bangs no I know what youtry to do you I put my angel MSU niceI’ll eat your brutally welcome back toour Channel they put too much cookie onthere[Music]- I’m to let you put them to prosignbabylet me say knife you don’t cut but wedon’t need no more knife what is youdoingwe don’t need to cut this one – man theydo no we don’t because we already gotenough cookies on that I can’t fit themall we need 5 thank you 1 2 3 4 5 let’shave CDs Jamil man why are you squeezingthese cookies I’m gonna put that oneback down it’s not gonna fit the cookiesgonna be together if we put all of themon alright Jameer we don’t got enoughspace you put too much cookies on yousee electing like the ugly one off inplease don’t judge a cookie by color Imeanthey justall right so let’s get startedgotta make sure cookie has spacesee that’s what they don’t want to stayin these no have see babies know what tosee addressed againnow we have on another cookie put onhand they’re gonna be squeeze at the endall right so[Applause]nobody over[Music]what about you[Music]we’re gonna make a part 2 of this videobut I’m gonna shut down so any otherdirt but they just got they just gotanother so we’ll touch on it done sothis was part 1 I’m making a cookies solet me show you how to Christmas treeyeah getting yah go see a nice video[Music]this is the Christmas tree here we got astar y’all see the star the next videoya know about 30 minutes from now so andif we jump up to the rod shop I mean butum my school and he’s really beenwatching our videos so shout out toderivestay tuned goofy gentleman

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