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Making Christmas cookies with Miss X, part two

Conclusion of baking demonstration with Miss X of Night Owls Radio. Remember when making your cookies to follow the advice of Miss X’s Great-grandmother Mary Slaninka and clean as you go. Happy Holidays!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

okay welcome back love easier just toshow you of course using this mitten Iwill show you that you’re pretty welldone now with your mixing and now you’regonna get ready to roll out your doughwith a rolling pin of course you mightput some wax paper down first also andthen you’ll be able to make your cookiesI am opening off my cooked likechocolate chips package because I willshow you that I’m going to put just afew in one side of the dough that’s waypeople will have you chocolate chips andthen those that don’t want chocolatechips in their cookie can just have theplain cookie which is not played at allas I was explaining before it has a lotof sugar in it so there’s just a fewchips in there and as you can see I’mdoing something different this year onthis side there is enough there are nochips then you’re going to onceeverything is done and cooked and bakedbaked take one of your little dollar forone dollar these little tins orwhichever a sort of tins you want to usewhichever ones you choose I like thisone because I thought it was really cutea street tree on it I’m going to open upthis cake which is the hole astore-bought yeah not so good but didn’thave time to make if you don’t have hadtime to make you can simply cut a fewslices of this cake you want to take oneof your tins open itline it on the bottom with one of thesenapkins you might want to put you inthere John’s tend to get a little messyfrom this X way so yeah and you don’twant to touch your hair when you’recooking obviously and these when you doopen these and youbottom of your chin your cookie didn’treally score very nice skip this is avery nice gift if you don’t have a lotof money this year to spend you justtake one of these you put it in thebottom of your tin like so take a couplepieces of cake send it off to all familypart of the family can have just the twopieces of cake the other family membersmight love cookies so I’m going topledge I’m putting both cookies and cakein there and I’m just reading a couplepieces of the cake like this you cankeep the rest for yourself which is nicebecause you can have it for the wholeseason through December 30th December31st if you freeze it and freeze therest of the cake and just putting acouple slices of cake in there a smallerpiece and then I will show you that nextto that next to your two pieces of cakein the bottom of thisyou will put your cookies when they’redone okay happy holidays from music

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