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Making Christmas cookies: vlogmas day 3

today we decided to make Christmas cookies, we had many designs. we also showed the progress.

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Video Transcription

[Music]Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas[Music]Merry Christmas make sure to subscribeand like bye hello people welcome tovlogmas day 3 I think don’t mind thatI’m in the business room so now todayI’m going to be starting the vloghold on it’s very nice I’m going hereit’s very nice okay so today I’m gonnabe starting the vlog and today we aredoing baking with with yours truly thislady and there we are measuring the funnow we’re just getting ready to throwthen after that then put it in thefreezer freezers in the fridge willfreeze it for a while and then afterthat we will take the door I cut out theshapes and then we will cut out theshapes and then I’m not the methodlogging and then after that we will bakeit and then we’ll let it cool and thenwe can put the icing we have it isrecording and then we have all sorts ofdifferent food coloring where’s the foodcoloringtodayyou have pink pink is actually brightred but it’s dimmer pink we’re in thekitchen and pink and green we wantedChristmas colors but then we wanted morecolors mom got yellow and then white isjust we don’t eat white keep comingbecause and just mint icing that’s rightmore varieties and this is bakinglessons with me and your mama not yourmamabut mom[Music]it is very hot in it you do not knowlast time we’re gonna make this doughoopsbut I do this is where we will be doingthings we then we did it for one times Ido sauna know how to do it while makingChristmas cookies for are you peoplehello people so Armand getting ready thething I will show you the cookie cutterthingywhen I[Music]here is the air – cookie cutters andthis is sort of a Christmas treethis is okay a flower this is a mushroomthis is a star a moon a random chickycutter and what shape and this is stufffor lunch and that’s that part of it butnot making noodles the fittest bananaand some this 1.54 they’re cooks that noman drinks but yes and then when we stopbaking I will record and show you somefootage because I can’t show you itwhole thing so good finally here is theER dish cookie cutters and this is sortof a Christmas tree this is a flowerthis is a mushroom this is a star a moona random cookie cutter and cut shape andthis is stuff for lunch and that’s notpart of it but not making noodles lookat this banana and seven this 1.5 withher coke that nomeland drinks buttonstill keeping hereso now I’m going to stop stir and then[Music]oh yes and then when we stop baking Iwill record and show you some footagebecause I can’t show you don’t think sogood bye nowsecond Mountain[Music]my special way of sleepingbutter and sugar and now we are going tocrackokay good crack two eggs now[Music]but understand that share was going togoyou don’t again now the dough is in thefreezin and has to wait a while and thenwe can cut up the shapes all right Idon’t know just toilet on this all rightyeah this is the neck okay on here thisis scary this is dark all right soyou’re baking cookies the first batchwe’re gonna do a second batch and thento this day they were going to JB I cando itpartners work but not everything allmight get someone might come and fightus in the streets by me in the shri homeor someone might hit me up if someoneknows everything okay so so we’re gonnablock the second batch of cookies guysit’s time to make cookies so the firstbatch is ready it’s really fast and Iforgot me my camera so I ran out when towrap so let’s gookay[Music]all right guys[Music][Music][Applause][Music]make sure theokay[Music][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music][Music]alright guys it’s gonna end the vlogyesterday so thank you for watching momwent out I’m a nurse I’m at home ok sothanks watching plus you guys next blockbye guys

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