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Making Christmas Cookies |VLOGMAS 2019|

Today Christopher helped me move the wire coop out so the chickens could have more room and Jacob and I made Christmas cookies! It was a rather busy day but we had lots of fun.


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While children may find this video entertaining, it is not intended for children under the age of 13.

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Video Transcription

they can run up to me[Music]yeah really funny looking maybe step 1um as far as I can tell that’s crazy butthere’s one of the one of these blackand white ones one of them might berestrict is their heads look differentlike this one just looks bigger that oneside he’s really bigger and there but itdoesn’t have a comb where’s this gonnahas a comb good it’s smaller[Applause][Music]I’m gonna go see how much time we haveleftsee if Jacob wants to make someChristmas cookies with me going over tomy parents tonight for a Christmas partyof the extended family because and whatnot so I was gonna see if Jacob wantedto make some Christmas cookies with meI’m also making pigs in a blanket yeahit all depends on how much time I haveleft because I for the life of me cannotfind my phone so I don’t know what timeit is right now so this is just a recipethat I found on Pinterest so supposedlyit is a sugar cookie that is made to becut out with cookie cutters so hopefullyit won’t like flatten out and spread toomuch when you bake them so they’ll holdtheir shape better it’s a very simplerecipe though I bought these really cutecookie cutters off of Amazon so firstthings first you’re supposed to creamtogether the butter and the sugar thisbutter did just recently come out of thefridge so hopefully it creams okay[Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music]you know it does not have pumpkin sugaryou can help me go wash your hands andthen go eat your stool and then you cancome cut some cookies with me okay whatyou wanna do first we’ve got a Christmastree candy can’t starve gingerbread manChristmas buttersno man angels reindeer snowflakes okayhere we go right here yep okay push downon itgood job push it down out over here okaywhich one doing to do next[Music][Applause][Music][Music]here the oven here these are the onesthat are about to go in the oven so youcan kinda see it get a little swollenwhen they come out some puffy sleevestheir gingerbread is really bad got anice little rotund reindeer I think I’mprobably running a little bit short ontime I don’t have my phone I think Ileft it in roses room and I put her downfor a nap so I’m not exactly sure whattime it is but I’m pretty sure I’mrunning late so I’m going to get startedon the thing that I actually said Iwould bring to this Christmas partywhich is pigs in a blanket but that isall for today so farewell I will see youlater[Music][Applause][Music]

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