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Making Christmas cookies

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Video Transcription

today you don’t going to be making peacehello everybody and those ones areterriblethis is my brother over here we got usfunny oldest Biggles so you like redyou got some yellow sprinkles and we gotsome green but then we also have greenfrosting and just up and then we got redfrosting in this Cup and then run whiterose walk right passing in this Cup sowe’re gonna make a car ristmas treeright now so I supposed to do you makethem stick it like so so first I’m goingto add a little bit of green on on onthe tree because of no it’s a Christmastree all right that’sso it looks like that but you got aplastic knife right here we’re gonnaspread it out oh goshactually it looks pretty good gonnalight all right you want to show themyour cookies so here’s my candy canewhich is very bad[Applause]that’s my Bell then this is my Snoopback to Jakeall rightnot tomorrow tooa little bit better all right Sharon isgreat here is my tree so far and wedon’t have any brass so the trucks gonnabe your one actually this one’s turnedout to be pretty good I think I mightgive this what’s on top of meright now I need some sprinklesbecause without sprinkles this will lookboy so right so I got some of these tomake them look like four of thoseright so here’s a final money leap Ithink the rest my just expect cuz Idon’t I don’t want to decorate themthat’s better than those two well theseto compare their lips so guys if youwant that video hit that subscribebutton and like button turn on the postnotifications and go share this out toyour friends I’m gonna be live from soonand peace

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