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Making Chocolate Chip Cookies!

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Video Transcription

[Music]I’m currently making chocolate chipcookies tonightso this is great I’m using my mom’srecipe so I’ve already got it in twocups of white sugar and I’m adding in acup of sugar right now[Music]so right now I’m crying they won’t comeout it’s like rock hardoh it’s so girls yes I washed my handsand my oven is preheating to 360[Applause]I’m gonna have that have much of your intherenice apron but I don’t bring my PJs butI pass two days but I’m going inretrospect you up and still on one cupmeasuring cup of margarine our butter weuse margarine because we aren’t we onlyget butter for likeI hate the texture of market ooh that’sabout a cup of margarine that’s goingthat workers noiseokay there’s the margarine effectgross but we’re going to mix this we’regoing to mix it on or creamy[Music]now that that’s slightly mixed we’readding in another cup of bathroom[Music]that then put in a second cup ofmargarine we’re gonna raise this back upand mix on low again[Music]I am gonna scrape down stuff before Imix again but we’re still gonna cream itespecially since our brown sugar waslike already like a rock solid it’lljust help it break up[Music]that’s cream but whip at in for alimited time limited time one in mix heyit didn’t break but I[Music][Music][Music]that’s mixed in no cost one teaspoonconsole by fixing peanut butter[Music][Music]now we need a table and then we needfive cups of flour[Music]the reek uploadwe’re going to mix it up sleep it offfor oh and we’re gonna now we don’t havevanilla so I’m putting an almond extract[Music]so I’ve added in all the flour and nowit’s time for the best part they seemkinda sticky[Music]MX let me sit down sites[Applause]okay so it’s all mixed and it shouldlook like there and then you’re going totake a cookie sheet and like not an icecream like not a normal ice cream scoopbut like go take a mechanical one andyou’re gonna skip cookies onto a sheetlined with parchment paper and put themin your oven for 12 minutes and thenwe’ll be back when I’m done with that Ifinished the cookies[Music]

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