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Making Chocolate chip Cookies

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Video Transcription

hey channel and sit to the last video I
said that I’ll be doing these chocolate
chip this is a video that I’ll be doing
sir so to make the chocolate chip
that’s cookies famous you were going to
need a well you’re doing one you need
half the ingredients so you’ve made in
this case you need 2 eggs 300 grams
also known as 10 keys of butter and
obviously inside of this let’s get on
with the video that’s good but wait
we’re gonna need each one and yeah let’s
get on the video let’s go
I mean stinks I guess there’s a bit more
one bolt in the table on the table
what’s a diesel these are the chocolate
and then we’re gonna pull this aside and
we’re gonna mom you have to put the
butter in huh in the mixer okay so we’re
gonna mix so we’re just one thing wrong
button um sorry we went to my supporting
that anyways
so now we’re gonna pull the mixture and
to go what it’s good this sauce you know
so now we’re just going to pull all the
butter then I’m trying to smoosh it
around just in case so I’m just gonna
sort of help it whoosh around oh by the
way nut mixture so now it’s my favorite
part the eggs I’m gonna crack it into
this bowl just in case I get Michelle oh
he’s the master so you gotta hold it to
like this and crack crack crack put your
fingers where it is then push I did it
wrong I did it completely
so we’ve got to hold it like this back
and put your two thumbs so now I’m just
going to quickly wash hey do you write
hundred and fifty and then um because
weeks mixes weeks it whatever I think is
how you
gotta be
but it’s subject it’s gonna feel a bit
like this but it’s a bit creepy
so it’s gonna be like it like a medium
color to continue mixing
all right now we’re just gonna pour this
so now we’re gonna take this and I’m
also helping click again sir
so now we have got you just
what about this this is a way say one of
my mother’s that’s um
I’m gonna show you some of my jewelry
well well my hood it’s not ready yes sir
let’s go
so mixer wouldn’t like it wouldn’t think
it was too hot so we have to start to
mix up the hands it’s like
so we’re gonna last arts Nick well I’m
gonna start you put them in a little
you know you just never made the
background so make sure it doesn’t get
back though I know now it’s not only
recording names you just destroy the
whole video
it’s like a nice Teresa
so if you can’t get offer you I just
usually roll
yeah I know who could do
we’re gonna try to wash cuz I can’t
really filled of the other can juniors
kinda situation here
so I’m gonna wash my hand so I can post
this for you and then I can just show
you the finish
you know he quickly boys it so now I’m
just gonna press all these down make
sure they’re gonna Potter off they’ll
make one big
sorry what turmeric hills it’s time to
put it in the oven
yep I said the cookies are done and
they’re going to be here 3 2 1
Wow now let’s taste them okay so I’m not
tasting just taste you guys I haven’t
had one yet so let’s try
oh good that’s right that’s all today
I’ll see

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