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Video Transcription

hey guys it’s cause your world and todaywe’re making the perfect chocolate chipcookies these cookies hello everybodywelcome to my youtube channel make surethat you like and subscribe if youhaven’t already in today’s video I’mgoing to be showing you guys how to makechocolate chip cookies before we getstarted make sure that your hair is tiedback and that you’ve washed your handsand once you’ve done that we’re readylet’s get cracking the ingredients thatyou will need are the mix some drinkablewater some extra chocolate chips ifyou’re a barrel chopped learners andthat’s me some mini marshmallows to addas an extra and lastly a mixing spoonand a ball lastly you’re going to wantto add in your mix and just to say thissmells really good oh my god so I’m justgonna add all of that in every singlecrumb counts the second optional step isto add in your extra chocolate pieces soI’ve got white chocolate and milkchocolate let’s add them in oh my godthese looks so good then adding a lot ofno chocolate because that is definitelymy favorite chocolate oh my gosh let meshow youmarshmallows have been requested by mybrothers so I’m just gonna add a dash inI’m pretty sure this is enough now let’smixthe next step is to slowly add in somewater and now you’re just going to startmixing it up but you just want to makesure that you earn out a bit by betso I’ve just added in my first bit nowI’m going to add in the next little bitthen you’re just going to want to do itstep by step at least four timesnow that we’ve mixed it all up it’s timeto put this into the fridge for about 20minutesin about 20 minutes and now I’m takingthe mixture out and I’m going to startmixing it up a little bit because it isa little bit stiff which is what youwant because you’re kind of expecting itto be a dough and now it is a doughwhich is good so you want to mix it abit more cuz you don’t it to be stiffjust want to make it a little bit doughyyou get what I mean now that I’ve got mybaking tray now I’m going to need thepaper surface now that I’ve got my papersurface I’m going to start putting themixture in little spoonfuls on top ofthe surface so that it’s ready to bakebefore I’m going to put this into theoven I’m just gonna finish it off with alittle bit more jazznow I’m going to put this into the ovenhye-won okay I’m just to say that I’mgoing to take these out in a few minutesit’s just a few little perfects pleasedon’t judge and just do baking for funin there and so I’m just saying thatthey don’t look amazing but I’m gonnatry to make them look good and I’ve nowdecided that I’m going to shape theminto star shape so they like Optra andAvery just taking my cookies out of theoven and this is the final result so asI said they aren’t gonna look perfectbut these sure look edible thank you somuch for watching this video don’tforget to Like and subscribe and smashthat notification bell so you never missanother from me and my youtube videosbut

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