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Make Vegan Cookies with Us!

Just having fun making cookies! Subscribe to see more videos from First and Four:) Here’s the recipe for the cookies we made if you want to try them out!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

I want you to show me let it get to know
someone like you someone like you hi
guys welcome back to my channel um today
we are making some chocolate chip
cookies I’ve done the first part you
just mixed coconut oil brown sugar and
vanilla extract he’s trying to open the
coconut milk you got our like clamp down
there we go we’re adding the applesauce
we don’t have like a jar so I’ll fine
just go now we got to mix the dry snow
hey stop
it’s just a lot of sugar yeah might give
us diabetes but oh well – good we don’t
care about Davey’s think I don’t know I
didn’t say anything
well you probably should well can you
check no I won’t give it to you guys but
damn okay doesn’t like to cookies in
traffic that’s cool how’s it taste
ah those two cookies will be the ones
that have the most diabetes oh man this
what is that better cookie that’s more
perfect than her
let’s pop these in the oven so bad start
us off how was your day
um pretty good when saw the old Space
Jam it was not about basketball it was
like Looney tune yeah but it wasn’t
really about basketball zero out of ten
without well should you do um and then I
watched a car videos and my new favorite
car is a Rolls Royce really nice
Baltimore like this house actually we
didn’t really read in the instructions
to this into this alright first batch is
done there coin I wish I don’t know if
they’ll be a full batch yeah we’ve kind
of been snacking yeah she ate it all
organized test I mean we don’t really
the eruptions the second back you see
was in first batch is already growing
they were really good motor that would
recommend mm-hmm that’s it on the
cookies it’s like really crusty on the
outside but didn’t like really gooey
inside comment below if you want to see
any specific videos if you like the
cooking about video let us know just let
us know
alright I feel like if you guys like the
cooking video will make more cooking
videos yes and subscribe if you like
this channel

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