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aight imma make some cookies 😀

yes i’m not a good cook…

I just baked some cookies as a santa.
Hope you guys enjoy it


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Video Transcription

[Music]Merry Christmaseveryone make some cookies let’s justget right into it shall wewhat is this let’s put that in nextthing is okay this is a mixture ofsomething I know this is oats and sugarbut I don’t know where the otherwhatever let’s put that in yes this issolid we have to put look this is notsolved what is this let’s just put thatin next thing is butter there is a lotokay no need for a professional chefeveryone I am professional I got thisokay there is the butter is supposed tomelt it with our hands now I’m not sureabout anything that I’m doing right nowbut we’re gonna keep mixing finally wehave a dough onenope vanilla isn’t we added not sure howmuch but two to three round ladies heredon’t worry now this is Dido we make thecookies okay we have some other stufflike we can put this in but it firstlet’s make a normal chocolate chipcookie now now what you do is gentlypress this like really gently likeprocess so they become flat so my sistertold me to put little bit of thesesprinkles but no one listened to thatadvice okay there we go this we havethis shape now we make his hand there wego we have Patrick let’s make baby Ola[Music]okay there we go so our baby Yoda isready let’s make a heart a normal heartshape is our fourth cookie looksfantastic we want to make Saitamawe made Saitama there we go he’d belooking fine look at thatokay I’ll go and bake this and come backso did our are beating you gonna makeokay his name is[Music]the cookies are finally done and here wehave it tadayeah the Patrick little burn okay we canhappen I feel like the Patrick one is myson Nick is doing fine though and ourSaitama let’s eat Patrick got amarshmallow at the partyyeah I know marshmallow okay don’t judgewe’re end of this video I hope you’lllike it I made cookies I mean they lookfantastic I eat them I didn’t expectthem to taste so good Santa will begiving you some cookies this Christmashave it did you like it cooking withSanta was fun and I hope you had fun[Music][Music]

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