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Let’s talk and make cookies

Hi sorry haven’t uploaded in a while. I was making cookies and thought it was a good idea to film!! Also let’s talk a little I have not done that at all! Enjoy!!
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Video Transcription

hi guys I’m back so today we’re going tomake chocolate chip cookies so let’s getstarted I have a bowl and all myingredients in front of me so firstwe’re gonna start with a stick of butter[Music]actually you know what I’m not gonnaexplain it I’m just gonna like talk toyou guys cuz like I don’t do thatokay so that’s our butter and then wehave I’m still talking okay but so it’sit’s Friday very very excited about thatthe school week went by like fast butlike slow at the same time like but itwas also only like four days but we onlyhave 10 days left to school so that’sgood because well until winter breakobviously but I’m excited to get backout of school even though we just gotback on for Thanksgiving break um butyes the cookies that I just made arecooling I have to put it the butter andlard in the microwave because it’s likeokay so basically like it’s just like noI kind of like tried to look okay todaysee but I have these like striped pantson that are like big and baggy but likeI like them a lot and I got my haircutsince last time I upload a video oh Igot five and a half inches off but umyeah that’s exciting I think I forgot Iam I haven’t filmed in so longI’ve just been uploading like things Ihave like been pre filmed but yeah sothat’s spotokay I’m gonna move uh I’m gonna movethem onto a drying rack oh cool becauseI want to get those other cookies in theoven so we have time to um first I don’thave time but I can put the cookies andI’m about to make yeah but sorry Ihaven’t like uploaded a file I um oh Ijust broke one but I kind of like didn’tforget which is like stopped oh here’s abirthday yeah I didn’t film anythingfrom that so I’m gonna insert a clip ofhim doing night Jack’s right nowyeah so that’s that but um if you don’tknow what night jacks are they do themin football his coach was at the partyso his coach asked him to do that I’veadded sugar and butter so far which I’m[Music]basically something I talk about is Imissed my bus today so my friend callsme her name’s Haley um this pictureand she’s like where are you and I waslike in my classroom why did our busquetand I was like why does our bucketcalledchoose a yes we’re literally like aboutto leave then I was like I’ve ran downthe stairs as fast as I possibly couldbut I missed itso then I was waiting for my I called mymom and I was like um I kind of missedthe bus can you come pick me up andshe’s like yeah and it was like it shetook so long well maybe it wasn’t thatlong but it just felt like foreverbecause everyone had already been pickedup because you know people usually don’tmiss their bus um like me what thecookies I’m about to show you are likekind of perfect so like proud of themlook at these ones like this one look atthat cookie it’s like perfect sorry thislighting is wack okay so I’m just gonnaend the video here I got my food and thecookies are about to be donedid you already saw some um products ofthem all so this videos gonna be likecutting it close to being like to thelimit so thank you for watching peace

13 Replies to “Let’s talk and make cookies

  1. They look so yummy!!! Nice to meet you, Aiden!! I hope you enjoy cooking with your Dad!! I always enjoyed cooking with my kids. Thank you to Hayden for helping and washing those dreaded dishes!! Lol. Vincent, another great video. Please keep them coming!!

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  4. Doh! Oops, it’s dough. Ha! Just saw Bart, er, I mean, Aiden run off with the plate of cookies. Looks good, Homer, dang, uh, Vincent.

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  6. i love cookies all cookies especially fresh homemade hot cookies Thank you Vincent and Aiden and Hayden ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  7. Hey Vincent, those are some awesome looking cookies! And thanks for writing down the recipe for us slow listeners. Those will have to be tried!

  8. Wow. I am famous for my peanut butter cookies but I will certainly try the Reeces ones/1 I like the cookie baller.

  9. Beautifully put together clip, I love your entire family. Really good people thumbs up. Hayden and Aiden very cute awesome really.

  10. That is good grub! Good to see Aiden & Hayden helping out. Thank you Vincent. I’ll have to make these for the Christmas party.

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