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Let’s make cookies, ice cream, and cupcakes

Peanut and Jelly couldn’t wait to taste them

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Video Transcription

hello everybody and today we’re going tomake some beautiful cookies and icecreams and cupcakes today ready startroll the pin to flatten the dough thefirst thing we have to do is roll thedough do I get cookie cutter from themenu below to the dough which cookiecutter should we choose the heart soundsgreat perfect now let’s put anirresistable icing on the cookie let’suse red because that’s the color of theheart now another invisible icing thatyou’d like to use draw on the cookiewith your mouth there we godrag some scrumptious sprinkles to yourcookie remember you can move and rotatethe faces sprinkles and toppings dragsome tasty toppings to your cookieremember you can move and rotate thefaces sprinkles and toppings see itlooks perfectWow this heart cookie looks perfect youguys hmm let’s add some finishingtouches to this cookie more sprinklesmight work and we’ll make the holly golike this are you finished decoratingyour cookie yepdrag your cookie to the plate be carefulnot to drop it enjoy that cookie ohthat’s so great you too okay ice creamtime everyone[Music]select a crunchy cone or container toput your ice cream in this potato worksthose look grapes this one what wouldyou like on your ice cream there comes arare sprinkle one more top cherry that’sbetterhmm this ice cream is going to beperfecthmm it looks great are you ready toserve this cupcake needs a little bitlet’s choose a raspberry cake for jellyand tap on an irresistible icing thatyou’d like to use let’s put it on wrongon the cupcake with your mouth to putthe icing on Wow select some scrumptioussprinkles and click on your cupcake toadd themthat’s great select some tasty toppingsand click on your cupcake to add themlet’s put the cherry on minused buttonto enjoy your cupcake looks perfectare you ready to enjoy your cupcake yesWow[Music]hoorayokay let’s play shape patterns now andwe’re going to cheat triangle what shapecomes next another triangle no uh-uhhold up you two let’s play Pina andCharlie’s favorite game shapes andcolors bingo green Crescent yellowrectangle orange stars red heart pinksquare bingo we won the game let’slaunch fireworks you two love itwhoa that was scaryWC awesomepause TV enjoy the show you too awesomeshow well guys that’s gonna do it forthis video so let me know in thecomments section what favorite game doyou like do you like the cookies the icecream the cupcakes the shape patternsshapes and colors manga or typingRockets please let us know in thecomment section below subscribe to myyoutube channel today for new videosevery daythanks for watching bye pee and jellybye

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